Nasty C “Switched Up” On Roc Nation ?

With the announcement of Mabala Noise Entertainment amping their roster and signing everyone in the game, it came as a different shock when we heard Nasty C was also amongst the flocks headed to the Mabala Ark.

222222222222nasty c


Mainly because :


1. Nasty C is forever been rapping about how he doesn’t really rap to get sign and will only get signed once he’s found the ideal contract worth his signature

2. He had our hopes up when he told us he was in talks with Roc Nation reps over the last months with regards to maybe something being signed and getting a deal worth him.. So What Exactly Happened ?!

222222222222nasty c22.jpg

It seems nothing was ever finalized to a point where, Junior Ngcobo had to reserve himself from other approaching deals, which is exactly what happened.

“We never really got to meet in person with Roc Nation, we were just communicating everything over the phone and were trying to work everything out,[MNE] came through, and they were open to doing whatever we wanted to do with the deal. We had a couple sit-downs and talked it through; everyone met halfway,” he added.”I’ve always been one for changing the game, and for us to meet with that mutual interest, and for them [MNE] to assure me that they’re backing me like that, I felt like that was a good move for us,” Nasty C told The Citizen.

Watch his latest music video for the single “Switched Up” below..


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