Durban’s First Indian Rapper Features Rugby Star In New Video

Yes this is real.. After numerous retweets and Facebook sharing we finally got to view this video of Durban’s first Indian rapper NOVI (who claims he’s about to smash the SA Hip Hop scene) and he features well known Durban Rugby Player Sbura Sithole and “Big MB”aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa


We’re truly not too sure how these 3 people know each other or got together to a point of realizing threy need to unleash Durban’s first and lethal Indian rapper.. But they did and despite all odds currently being stacked against them:-

~ They had to re-upload the video due to a lawsuit from one of the brands being used in video

~ The video having over 8000 views but only 45 dislikes

~A handful of rude and insulting ,different minded music listeners opinions

But despite all that, They do manage to actually uh, make it uh, work ??


Check out the Video Below and try not to be a hater of Novi The Future SA Hip Hop King



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