D/L : DJ Switch – NowOrNever [ft Proverb, ShaneEagle & Kwesta]

Man Man Man What an unlikely combo but they bodied this song so perfectly and everybody slayed in their verses. S/O to Switch for coming back with another blessing, after ‘Wat It Go’ and now this.. GOTTA APPRECIATE WHEN THE REAL RAPS COME OUT.


“When from Blowing trees to being on joints with OGs,But Im connected to this money like my paper Siamese. And i make these niggas grab a hearse and when im on the feature make these niggas change their verse” – ShaneEagle


“Exceeded all expectations by a certain percentage and still earned the respect that i deser e, Im the real deal surrounded by plastic like a jordans 11” – Reason


“What happened to all the clever  raps, The headz is askinginstead of passion, level ass trash to get the cash in question im asing is did it die with the veterans back then or does it live instead of the relevant has-been’s like the proverb dude”- ProVerb


First off Fuck the deep voice, I got actual bars so whats youerinvoice. Skinny Neggro, that she might wanna feel on. She fucking with the music i put on my Celine Dion – Kwesta


Get this flame ass joint here lets bump some real shit!




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