Titen Moor Taps Into DubStep

Most might remember him from usually being a very well spoken rapper who shares abit of knowledge and bit of blunt referrals in his previous songs.. The MOOR seems to have a Dubstep side which he unveils in this new single for free downloads titled “MOOR MONEY”.. Get it? Moooor ?? hahaha

In preparation for dropping his 2nd EP, titled “MOORISH BEHAVIOR” He said he has chosen to release a lot of free music which is ‘aiming at blessing the masses’ and those people who love hearing him spit.. Soooo Hes releasing this ” MOOR MONEY “. Track which is a skrillex and twin Atlantic cover by the way..
Due to dropp on the 1 September 2015 and will be mostly be available for download on my soundcloud page. Though I will also make Datafile links at a later time.
To download and get a taste of this DubStuff (see what i did there) download the single below and hit up our comment section if your feeling it or nah..

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