New Local Platform To Upload Your Media On..

Recently used by popular Durban artist Abdus as a platform to offer his followers a “One Stop Shop” experience of giving them lyrics to his song, the artwork & as well as the download link in one place. has certainly become the new kid on the blog giving the big guns a run for their money

The founder and CTO of the service, Mpendulo Chiliza said: “African artists have benefited from the arrival of the digital age in music but up until now, they haven’t had a platform that is by them for them that provides strategic insight on how their music is being received online. We built this platform to help the passionate kid at home on his laptop making music hoping that he will get noticed some-day. That day is today.”

banner-tunehost5[1] is a proudly local website which offers the same services a the likes of “Datafilehost” and “kasimp3” but actually does more for the artists.. is said to have greater features though, such as allowing the artist to see insight of where most of his traffic/audience is coming from and also creates the artwork for your specific song(If you already have the artwork, you do have the option of uploading BOTH the song and artwork.. something both KasiMp3 & Datafilehost do not offer)

In Terms of speed in download datafilehost has always been tops as it offers minimal yet explicit adverts and works om almost all browsers. Just like its biggest competitor does promise to deliver fast and we’d have to hear from the artists themselves if they believe that it offers the same speed with all that is offered onsite.

Nhlanhla Ndwandwe, COO of said: “Coming from a music background myself, I have to say that this is a wonderful time for up and coming artists in Africa. Insight is king in optimizing your reach. Two years from now, Tunehost will be a staple in every indie artist’s arsenal.”

Although Tunehost does not offer incentives per download like Kasimp3, It does offer more features for an artist than both Datfilehost and Kasimp3 combined ..

  • It designs your artwork for you
  • It offers great insight into the type of people that have downloaded your song.
  • It isn’t clustered in adverts
  • Creates custom url links for your song

Dont believe it ? Give it a try below ::


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