[FREE D/L] Abdus – V’WALLA

One of Durban’s finest artist Abdus has just recent released a new single featuring the youngin producer ‘YBdaMentalist”.

After quite some days of releasing the single Abdus had some ‘source of motivation’ behind his reason of wanting his single to reach 30 000 downloads.

Abdus : “Lets make it +30 000 downloads and make an impact and show these radio station ukuthi music is all about people not them.. Major Radio Stations have rejected V’WALLA but we good asinankinga at all. We better then their friends ababadlalayo anyway. There’s a reason why i put up my music for free download, Internet is more powerful then them and definitely people are even more powerful beyond imagination. If the downloads are good we will give you more music cause I do this for all of you. Please do make sure you share with everyone and ‪#‎makegoodmusictrend

So be a good sport and support the intended initiative to show that a song’s success is not always based on airplay, but rather the actual number of people who want to hear the song played.

DOWNLOAD: Abdus -V’walla


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