Cassper Nyovest Gets SupaMega Slap From AKA

Twitter & Facebook once again have been set alight by the recent allegations made by South African Rappers Cassper Nyovest & AKA, There are allegations doing the rounds that AKA slapped Cassper Nyovest last night :


 AKA was performing at a certain club alongside Khuli Chana.. at the end of AKA’s performance, The “SupaMega” walked up to Cassper and roughly implanted his hand on his cheek. Thereafter AKA walked away and first thing this morning Nyovest decided to tweet the pics and tell the whole world how he got slapped by another man and did absolutely nothing to defend himself . 

Here are the tweets that we woke up to..


Ofcourse as expected the “NyovestNation” rushed to defend Cassper and praise for being very mature and not allowing his focus to be shifted from the main goal (#FillUpTheDome) and others had well expected reactions, of shock that he allowed another man to slap him and walk away.

Check out the tweets below from different tweeps :


However AKA claimed that all this was false and it had strategically happened at a time when the Dome event would need more promotion ..

However there has been allegations that the club owner of where everything went down CONFIRMED that indeed Cassper was slapped and that it was AKA.

What do you make of this though ?? This wouldnt be the first time Cassper faced off with AKA was the ‘bigger man’ about it and didn’t retaliate. Hit us up on our comment section..


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