A Kasi Preacher’s Open Letter To Cassper Nyovest

A “Kasi preacher” preached towards the right chuurch recently. A man known for being a motivational speaker came forward & penned down what was a very informative and motivating open letter to Cassper Nyovest. You can read the whole shandis below.

“Open Letter to Cassper Nyovest’

Dear Refiloe “Child of God • CEO of Family Tree • Award winning artist •Sexy Chubby Nigga •Jika Majika Winner •Recovering Oros Addict •Pantsula4life” Phoolo.

My name is Teboho Thuswa, The Kasi Preacher (21), I’m a Motivated Speaker and not a Motivational Speaker because challenges I went through motivates me to speak and change people’s lives. Hardworking people like you add value to the things I speak about and inspire me to do great.
I was moved to write this letter to you because you are a living testimony that if you believe things will happen they will happen regardless of where you come from. I would like to let you know that as you are working hard some of us are positively watching you and drawing immense inspiration from your hustle. You make us wake up every day in the morning to go hustle for what we believe in even though we live in places where negativity is the popular thing.

Refiloe Phoolo, you dropped out of high school because you had a dream, something that I believe you saw which everybody didn’t, and you have proved that even though education is important, sometimes you don’t need to have a Degree or PHD to make millions because what you have and believe in is a key point to ultimate riches. Napoleon Hill once said “Whatever your mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve regardless of how many times you may have failed in the past”, you have definitely demonstrated it to all the dreamers in the world that it can be done, IT’S POSSIBLE if you pray and believe in it. How you started makes us all see that every dream can come to true regardless of how hard the circumstances may be. We live in a world today where we are surrounded by negative beliefs of people who constantly tell us that it’s IMPOSSIBLE to achieve big dreams and yet there are so many buildings, hotels, malls and franchises that were started by people and these are people who had ‘Never say Never’ spirit like you Nyovest.cassper-zimbabwe[1]

On MiCampusmag you said “I told my parents that I’d rather chase my dream, which I believe is going to work out, rather than keeping it safe and regret it my whole life”. After reading that, I just thought of many of us who are in careers our parents or circumstances chose for, careers we don’t want, careers that limit our potentials, careers that make us sick and careers that trap us because of survival. Majority of us are impatient today and we want to things to happen very quickly. You took the pain of PATIENCE and i’m glad you admit in your song Strive by saying; “Cassper Nyovest, got in the room and meditated, I knew that it was possible, calculating obstacles, the only thing I lack was patience like empty hospitals”. Most of us are living with FEAR nowadays, FEAR of FAILURE,  FEAR of what if things don’t work out, FEAR of what if they laugh at me when I fail, and FEAR of what if I’m not good enough, We also want to start now and expect results to appear sooner. You showed us that FEAR will block us and you have justified that you have to be PATIENT because it’s the ONLY thing that will give birth to success.

Your #FillUpTheDome DREAM is not only your dream, It’s my dream, it’s Capo’s dream, it’s Anatii’s dream, it’s Family Tree’s dream, it’s your parents’ dream, it’s Tsholofelo’s dream, it’s North West’s dream, it’s South Africa’s dream and it’s African dream; we have been waiting for someone like you to take it upon himself and not wait for an event organizer  or a big company to do it, You make us PROUD with your ambitions and we seek to be better on what we do at all times because of your courage and bravery. The time for Africa is now! WE ARE THE FUTURE and NOTHING CAN STOP US. I will call you in the next 3 years when I #FillUpTheDome for my seminar with NO international speakers, You made me realize that I don’t need to be Les Brown, Robert Kiyosaki, or Eric Thomas to #FillUpTheDome.  You have no idea how this woke so many of us up. We are standing and saying NO societal stereotypes, NO to the cycle of self-hate and lack of patriotism. We are saying a big Tbo Touch YES to riches and YES to SUCCESS and YES to POSSIBILITIES through the power of God.


On the 31st of October 2015, I believe you are going to #FillUpTheDome in fact it’s already full, Do you remember you used to have 1 000 likes but today you have 1 Million likes? In these million people, 20 000 thousands has already came to fill the dome up and there is going to be positive WAR for tickets as time goes, I already bought mine to be on the safe side. I know after The Dome you are going to fill up FNB Stadium more than Soweto Derby because God has bigger plans for you than you have for yourself. The million Facebook Likes you have means we love you, we love your work, we love the connection you have with us, we love how you communicate with us, we love how you encourage us to do great and we love how you entertain us.  We get happy when you acknowledge our support especially when you mention that you won most awards through our votes, it’s the connection we have with you, and that bond will even fill up FNB Stadium one day. The reason why you have more attacks now is because something big is about to happen and you know negative people hate that. So they will pull stunts just to sabotage your plans, but I don’t worry much about you because you have a crocodile skin. You are too strong.

When you said “Don’t ever let what people think of you distort what you think of yourself. Your life!!! You decide how great you wanna be” on Facebook. I was again on that big and stylish YES of Tbo Touch!! When I said  I am going to be a millionaire and the most influential young speaker, I was told that I need to be a millionaire first so that I can have a story to tell, I refused to listen to that and said to myself I need to START WITH WHAT I HAVE and WHERE I AM. Everybody has a story to tell; even the guy on the streets has a story to tell. If I listened to them, I’m sure I would still be exploited at the marketing company I worked for. You are living your dreams and what motivates me most is that you don’t leave God behind; you have done mistakes but learnt to be the person through your dreams and definitely proved that BEING GOOD TO THOSE WHO ARE BAD BUILDS CHARACTER.

From being a Gangster at a very young age, to the person you are today definitely sends a strong message to our fellow youngsters who are wasting their time and talents with things like Nyaope, Alcohol and Negative beliefs. On one interview you had in Zimbabwe with 2 Broke Twimbos you stated that, at some point you got in your mom’s room and cried because things weren’t happening, no one was feeling you, but you prayed and things started happening. You also mention that people see you as this cool guy and big entertainer but they don’t know it’s because of praying believers group you have with people like Major League Djz and others. Surely majority never thought that Cassper Nyovest prays when things are hard and prays when things are good. I am very pleased that you acknowledge that you have all you have because of the Mighty God and without kneeling down and praying it wouldn’t have happened. Most of us seem to remember God when we go through challenges only and forget him when things go well sometimes, and I used to be one of those, I CHANGED, I pray at all times now and started being PATIENT with the plan that God has for me.

Don’t ever let what people think of you distort what you think of yourself. Your life!!! You decide how great you wanna be

When Metro FM Awards aired, I was glued to my TV Screen with happiness filled with gigantic inspiration in it as you were collecting the awards you won. It motivated me to say I must really work hard if I want to win awards as a speaker. I was more fascinated by the category of “Best New Comer of the Year” I was like what? No! Cassper has been in the game for a long time! Some people didn’t know how big you were in Mafikeng before you moved to Johannesburg and that you were with Impact Sounds and also worked with HHP on numerous occasions, when you went to fetch that award I smiled and said to myself oh well Nyova is a “The Best New Comer” to them because they never saw a young man with such big dreams that money can buy is coming and going to stay in this competitive music game. You were NEW to them because they didn’t know you but today they know who Cassper is and that makes me proudly say they will know who The Kasi Preacher is one day. I am meditating and calculating obstacles.

As an entrepreneur and CEO of Teboho Thuswa Speaks, I have also learnt from you that success will come in its own time, and what you need to do as a person is to create the perfect timing and opportunity for it by investing hours in your craft and delivering content that will connect with people. You released tracks before but when you released Gusheshe you said it is going to be the biggest song in the country and that happened. One thing I saw and realized is that it connected and spoke with us, we knew the car Gusheshe. Refiloe monna with your creativity, you went on to remind us about the Kwaito veteran Doc Shebeleza and how you want to wake up feeling like him, we knew Doc Shebeleza, and it’s someone we grew up listening to. You then gave us a nice way to push negative people away from us by just saying Phumakim, we all have people who try to jeopardize our success, and we also connected with that. Your creativity with the people you work with gives us a different take to life. From all of that, I learnt as a speaker that I might have great posture, voice and big words but if I don’t connect with my audience then I’m an empty speaker because my content won’t be creative enough to connect with the hearts and souls.

I had an interview about my article NOBODY IS BIGGER THAN YOUR BUSINESS on Lesedi FM with Dr. Chomane Chomane and he was saying he must call you, and proudly saying you are doing a very great job with winning awards,I was like WOW!! I mean not everyone is honoured by Legends, even Mama Yvonne Chaka Chaka said she loves Cassper Nyovest. You really deserve all you have, Family Tree, Cars, Houses, Awards, Energy Drinks and more. I mean you had sleepless nights calculating those obstacles. Monna Refiloe, You have done well for yourself and you should be proud, on the 21st of July I laughed when you twitted  that you can’t be spending your time replying to shots on Twitter and negative stuff when there are so many kids in the hood that don’t have hope and who need you. That is true, Negative thoughts can destroy your abilities and plans, those kids need you more than ever and these are the kids who fight with their parents for wanting Cassper’s ponytail lol.., even prisoners at the maximum security prison voted for you to come and perform for them, I mean there are many rappers in South Africa but they chose Cassper Nyovest. Why Cassper? Because they see hope you are talking about.

About a year ago when you released your album Tsholofelo no one thought and knew that it will win 20 Awards and a Platinum plaque but through the grace of God you did it.  Pitch Black Afro and Skwatta Kamp are the only ones in hip hop game to get Platinum plaques in 2003 and 2004 respectively, but since the GAME has changed you are the only one who went Platinum so far and that says more about your work. On ANN7 Online interview (24th of Feb 2015) you inspired me when you spoke about how sleeping is not good for hustlers and particularly because there is no time to sleep. I found a verse in the bible that evidently highlights this. Proverbs 20:13, it says “Do not love sleep or you will grow poor; stay awake and you will have food to spare”. Many of us love sleeping so much not realizing that time wasted never comes back. My minimum sleeping hours are now 5 to 6 hours. I am acting on my dream of being a MILLIONAIRE and the most influential young speaker. You did it, You are the best Rapper in SA and I am going to make it as well.

Nyovest, Keep on shining because God has huge plans for you. Keep on working hard because your name is now celebrated, you are a role model. Lastly, I think this is the great time for you to launch Cassper Nyovest Foundation, A foundation that will empower young people and ensure they don’t get involved in crime or gangster life The foundation that will help charities, with your powers now please do it, we love you Cassper Nyovest. You were destined for greatness Refiloe Maele Phoolo. Tsholofelo will definitely have a bright future because she has a brother who loves and takes care of her.
Warm Regards
Teboho Thuswa Speaks, The Kasi Preacher, The Motivated Speaker

You can view the letter on Teboho Thuswa’s Website by clicking HERE


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