The LowDown on “Drake vs Meek Mill”

Incase you missed out on what happened last week in the world of hip hop, heres the lowdown..

Meek Mill decided to pull a Kanye forgetting, He’s not Kanyeand dissed drake and accused him of having a ghost writer, all good and well but the main complaint was that Drake didnt “tweet his album”

i dont understand why he would reply on other artists as part of his marketing strategy but if you date back to last year, he pulled the same stunt with Wale

… anyway, Drake decided to deal with his stunt ‘like a rapper would’ and released a diss track titled ‘Charged Up’ , which honestly woulda been a good diss on its own but 4 days later he clapped back with another titled “Back to Back”.

Stream Charged Up HERE :

Stream “Back To Back” Here:

(Drake donning a FREE MEEK T-shirt in a show while Meek was in jail)

To me it seems he just wanted to steal some attention as his album was just released since he did it last year, He figured Drake would be a better gifure to use, except maybe he forgot to tell Drake about his stunt before going live with it ??

Meek Mill – Wanna Know (Drake Diss)

Again another confusion would be why Meek Mill would pay Drake for a feature only to accuse him of such later on ?.. Im assuming this is what sparked the lyrics :

 I seen it all coming, knew they would push a button
Easter egg hunting, they gotta look for something
Done doing favors for peope
Cause it aint like i need the money i make off a feature

Below is an instagram video of Lil’ Wayne rocking out to Drake’s “Back To Back” after being a surprise guest at one of Nicki Minaj’s “PinkPrint Tour’ Shows

And then a Tweet by Nicki Minaj, not sure if shes confirming Meek is star struck by her, or shes laughing at the fact that Drake would say something like that about Meek considering how open He’s always been about his affection towards Nicki.

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