Mreyza House to HipHop Switch Up

Incase you didnt know, Durban’s well know house hit maker has official changed the team he plays for and has opted for the hip hop genre instead of House..

We were curious and wanted to know about what exactly is about to go down and we had a chat with him, check it out..

KoolHeadz : When Did you start doing house music seriously ?

Mreyza : I started doing house music in 2010 when I was in matric when I got my 1st computer with a music producing software so I was kinda like messing around with it until I got it right nobody really taught me.

KoolHeadz : What was the biggest house song that put you on the map ?

Mreyza : my biggest house song i bielive its UMQHAFAZO that I did with Xtralarge, Ndakx, and Oben10, its also the most downloaded songs iv ever released (sitting on 9000 downloads) and its received alotta airplay on community radio stations in DBN and PMB, taxis and clubs.


KoolHeadz : What’s gonna happen to your clothing label cause I understand they have some house slogan of yours since u switching to house ?

Mreyza : my clothing label “ongabheng uyaloya” yes is taken from a house song slogan I’m putting it on hold I don’t want people getting confused during this switching process I’m even not taking house gigs, coz I’m tryna bury that “house music” image of me, I want people to even forget I ever became a house dj.

KoolHeadz : Why the switch ? Do you see yourself succeeding more/better in the hip hop genre ?

Mreyza :Well I’m not switching become I c my self succeeding better in hiphop, before I even knew how to produce house, I was a rapper. I use to rap at school, I was always at the cypher’s and stuff, as much as I have passion for all music genres but I have the most passion for hip-hop since I was young, I would say its more like going back to what I do best.


KoolHeadz : Do you agree that not many house DJs become as successful as Hip Hop DJs in these recent years ?Mreyza : I wouldn’t agree on that, cause house has some dj’s that are more successful than other hip-hop dj’s, and so hip-hop has some dj’s who are most successful than others, but than again I won’t be a hiphop dj, I’m switching to become a hip-hop artist I’ll be actually rapping on the songs.
KoolHeadz : What will be your Hip Hop Dj Name & why ? If it won’t change, Why not ?

Mreyza : i won’t change my name I’ll use Mreyza cause Mreyza is kind of like a brand already, so its better to use an already branded name than to start from scratch and brand a new one. Its better for many reasons I know Mreyza is a house brand I just need to convince the people to fall for the change and there’s only 1 way of doing that, good songs.
KoolHeadz : Do you still plan to continue with the Dj Academy you had planned to establish ? Or that was to teach DJing for any genre ?

Mreyza : i dnt think its would be a good idea to continue with the DJ Academy. As I said I’m fully switching to hiphop, it would be senseless for a hiphop artist to have a dj academy, I think the idea was excellent though I hope other DJ’s use it and put it to action.


KoolHeadz : If you could change 1 thing in the last few years about yourself, what would you have done differently ?

Mreyza : If I had to change something about ummmh I don’t think I would change anything, I’m happy with the person I am.

KoolHeadz : Why do you like about Hip Hop and its community that you think is lacking in the House community ?

Mreyza : What I like about hip-hop as a whole is that I think its the only local genre where u can tell it like it is, in hip hop u can tell any story good or bad and stil come up with a good songs. I’m a storyteller hip hop is just my perfect fit.

KoolHeadz : Whens Your Next/First Hip Hop song or mix coming out ?

Mreyza : My 1st hip-hop song is dropping this month, titled Brown Dash, and than I plan to release a mixtape later this year called “HipHop Stole My Heart”. There are no links available as yet but soon to be released.

Mreyza – Deep For A Change //


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