Why 6 God Stays Winning’ + (Breezy Baby Drama)

The 6 God seems to be winning in this life thing hey.

Recently Chris Brown has been busy saying “He’s done taking about Drake Beef in every interview because he’s making him hot.” Okay well, Chris just got dumped on twitter after Karrueche (whose been his GF since 2011) got wind of the rumour that he has a baby daughter with another female. We sure Miss Tran wouldn’t break up with her long-term BF just over a rumour


In actuality Champagne Papi has been busy breaking records that nobody has broken in over 50 years – having 14 songs by him/featuring him on the billboard 100 Chart. Annnnd He flew up his “Potential Bae” whose a model & Starlet bartender, Bernice Burgos, out to Australia. Pictures of the duo’s PDA took off on social media and started trending within an hour.


Burgos may look familiar to some. As she was the lead girl in the video for the Rick Ross’ hit “Diced Pineapples,” and Aubrey even rapped about her on Romeo Santos’ track “Odio.”:

“You look like you drawn by an artist /
No, you, you look like Bernice and Yaris /
But both put together, those are some girls that I know from back home.”

Congrats to both men on their new Babies … (See what I did there) haha, in this seemingly never ending battle between the 2 creatives.. We’d say Drake is slaying Chris without even replying to his interview disses.



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