Durban’s Promising 97s

We’ve all met a certain group and instantly fallen inloove with how all their different influences that create a solid and collective of all-round talents. Now this group consists of 4 members trying to pioneer a new lane in the music industry. A Durban Based & originated Rap collective

Members : Miles ,King Francisco AndyMC & Tedword

Group Name : 97 (pronounced Nine 7)

Miles : Producer/Engineer – Mixes & Masters 97’s song
King Francisco : Rapper/Producer
Tedword : Rapper
AndyMC : Rapper

Aint Playin’ is the group’s 2nd release of the success of their 1st “Sumin Aint Right” single which was received and also got radio play. The group looks up to Local artists that have really shaped the game in their definitive paths like ; Cassper Nyovest, AKA, Boyzn Bucks etc. And african acts such as Burna Boy ,M.I ,Ice Prince & Davido .

When asked about their whole sound and vibe we were told – “Our sound is experimental we don’t confine ourselves to the norm we range from deep subjects that need much introspection and also fun up tempo good vibes music.”


97 – Aint Playin
Link :

97 – Sumin Aint Right
Link :

For FeaturesBookings :

Facebook Page : 9.Seven

Social Media : @KingFranciscoZA @AndileVato @TedFromTheNine7 IG : Justmilez


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