Nasty C’s Price City [D/L]

You’ve seen him perform alongside AKA. You’ve heard him and his singles numerous times on Radio shows. He’s one of the VERY FEW rappers in Durban who hardly disappoint when it comes to Bars!!Nasssty
DatBoiCizzle AKA Nasty C recently released his debut mixtape #PriceCity (10 Feb 2015) and maaaaaan. What a masterpiece (judging from the few songs we’ve heard), Its one of those lengthy projects that will instant have you rearranging your playlist.

IV (4OUR) : One of our very personal favorite, there’s just something about a song where the rapper takes you on a personal journey of their own but has you genuinely feeling like you’ve been through it yourself, by the end of that 5 mins. Nasty C talks to/about his late Mother and his journey in this Media industry. – [Prod. By Blacksun]

“I swear its like my Mama just looked down and said ‘I’m Proud Of You’
Shame on those that doubted you, This includes your Father too
I’m up here in the stars and they don’t shine nearly as bright as you
Don’t ever take it easy my baby, This what you born to do”

“Matching outfits with the Prince”

AIM :: An acronym for Ass Is Mine. On this single we get to hear that maybe Nasty C can sing..(MAYBE).. He features another Durban rapper “Breeze” , who started out his verse kinda weird but eventually got into the flow of things. [Prod. By Tantrik]

“I just know yo gotta bring an extra pair of Vans cause you and them heels
is not working out when i got you walking funny.
You such a pretty disaster, I love you thou'”

Find A Way :: What a sick dark beat with those punchlines that will have you rewinding every 5 secs just to let it really sink in.

“Niggas went AWOL when they heard hallelujah
And that ain’t even a trick I had up under my sleeve
Cause really Hallelujah is something I would call a microphone test
When these rapping niggas call it defeat”


So basically what we at KoolHeadz are saying is We would’ve happily bought this mixtape BUT, we super excited that its out for free downloads so yoll can enjoy some International quality music content that’s real and relativity enjoyable.

So cava below the links, if you’re using your mobile device you can download each track, or just download it as a whole

Nasty_C – Bars // download song

IV(4OUR) // download song
AIM // download song
SAY NO MO // download song
SLOW IT DOWN // download song
CONFESSIONS // download song
RAKIM DOCCIN // download song
FIND MY WAY // download song
OUTRO // download song
NOTE // download song
MISA // download song

Download : Nasty C – Price City Mixtape zip folder.

Hit him up on the social nets ::

FB :: Nasty_C SA
Twitter & Instagram : @Nasty_cSA


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