Saint On The Streets Begins

Alright Alright KoolHeadz!!

In the name of keeping up with the world and constantly trying to make sure that talented people who work hard, are given atleast half the chance they deserve to be exposed to the world.

So #SlowManFilms x #KoolHeadzBlog x #DmMedia x #For_TLOM would like to introduce to you a new Platform for all the musicians that cannot make it on to your television, As All TV Stations Are In JHB!!

We Bring You : “Saint On The Street”

Which is basically a new Series covering lives of musicians, We catch up With Artist At Any Location (Their Cribs, At An Event, On The Street) and we get to talk to them and understand more about the individual behind the mic and let their pseudonyms rest for a bit.

Interviews are conducted by @ElSaint / El Saint (FB) ..

All Interviews Are Exclusively Going To Be On The KoolHeadz Blog So Do Check It Out To See Your Favorite Artists talking about their lives and a lot more.


This Week’s Exciting Interview Is With The One & Only : HCL


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