Cassper Nyovest Apologizes To K.O.

Yes.. Cassper Nyovest has released some sort of formal apology on facebook directed at former Teargas member K.O. For his line on his most recent single released last week monday titled “Beef”.

A lot of people were kinda shocked that he’d take a jab at someone who has never even shown interest in his “Beef” with AKA. Is him apologizing a week later a stunt to have more people download and start talking about this song all over again ?

But, Why apologize ? We assuming it wasn’t a freestyle, so he had written that part intentionally even though he explains that it was intended to discredit the MTV Base : Hottest SA MCs List..

The controversial line :
“I done made a mil trying to fuck Minnie…
I’m cool with number 2 coz I’m richer than number one.”

Here’s how the facebook apology went ;

“I said it to discredit the list but I ended up disrespecting my brother. K.O has shown me nothing but respect and love even after what I said and I feel so much shame for not thinking it through. I ended up creating so much animosity amongst my peers and I forgot that I am now a leader and I have to lead with dignity and maturity. That is why I am putting myself in the fire again to say, I was wrong. I let rumours get to me but I am willing to own up and admit it. Sometimes hiphop must be put aside & we should remember that we are brothers. I am sorry & I pray I will be completely forgiven someday.”

What do you think ?

.. This wouldn’t be the first time Cassper said something in a song to later apologize for it.. Earlier on when debut album Tsholofelo dropped, there was a certain line from he tweeted :

“People like acting immune, to the bullshit of the world
’till it happens to you//
The biggest killer in the country aint HIV
Man its Twitter, now gimme the hate I need”

which had a lot of tweeps scrutinize the line ’till he apologized and said its very insensitive to HIV people & immediately deleted the tweet..

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