LaPrez Wear Killin’ The Local Scene

Whether you’re in into music or fashion or most likely both. If you’re from Durban you won’t be too clueless about a clothing label we’re gonna show you a glimpse of. We’re talking about the famous LaPrez Wear that offers bold “Ngiphuma Emlazi” t-shirts and a whole lot more..

LaPrez Wear, codename LP was started in Cape Town in 2008 by Sanele Seroke.

LP started as just to T-shirt company to what is now known as a fashion brand. Their designs are carefully crafted to have a perfect fit, they use the latest designs/styles and a dash of phly(sic) colors.

We make ladies,gents and unisex clothing. Here is a list of things that we make : T-shirts, hoodies, caps, sweaters, trousers, beanies, sweatshorts and sweat pants et. al.

They push their brand through community involvement and through music. They’ve also worked with a huge number of artists from Durban such as : Dope Squad (Mastaroshy, Wanda Wanda, Nash and Mthinay Tsunam), Ash, Robin ThirdFloor, Mpriest, Rivernille and LadyKilla. They also released a collaborated mixtape with Dope Squad titled LaPrez Mixtape Volume 1.

“Our style is local but our quality meets international standards.” – Sanele Seroke

You can purchase any of their clothing at their studio :

423 Smith Street,
2nd Floor Excel House
Next to Chicken Licken and opposite Jets and Hub (DBN).

Shop online :­a

Cava more LP info on their Blog : www.LpWear.blogspot.­com

You can also like them on Facebook : LaPrez Wear


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