2 Local Rap Acts Use 1 Beat.. Who Did It Better ??

2 local heavy weights-nyana have used the same beat on 2 different songs.

When we enquired more about this we realized that Noooor, They weren’t bluffed or anything by the Producer that made the beat, but rather it was the terms on the lease of the instrumental they purchased from Durban hip hop producer ‘TaylorMade

Niche Fam dropped ‘Parlay‘ October 4th and its currently sitting on 9000 downloads, althou’ it was met with a lot of tension amongst certain people on Facebook who chose to say nothing but “Oh, So They really used the beat”.


Whereas DatBoyMreppa (who recently did a collabo with AB Crazy) chose to release his single titled ‘Bloma‘ today which features Enigmatic Revolution’s LMass and famous Durban rapper HCL .15819_10152555123044482_7468229300474379485_n


Now both songs use the exact same beat, but somehow all the artists on each of the songs managed to really bring the heat and make us enjoy each song for exactly what it has to offer which makes both songs quite unique..

So You Let Us Know… U Wanna “Parlay” or Ufunuk’ “Bloma” ?

» DOWNLOAD : Niche Fam – Parlay (feat. Maraza)
» Dat Boy Mreppa – Bloma (feat HCL & L Mass)


One thought on “2 Local Rap Acts Use 1 Beat.. Who Did It Better ??

  1. Both tracks are dope. But DatBoy Mreppa’s #Bloma takes it for me. He went in lyrically. With Niche Fam, my concern is that they seem to rely on the presence of a bigger act, in this case being Maraza, for them to have a hit. I mean, they featured Abdus on this other cold joint and it was also a hit. What’s sad about that, although its supposedly good for their exposure, is that the bigger act tends to just murk all of them. And just sad.

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