KO – No Fear Freestyle [Video + Audio]

In celebration of his legendary single reaching 1 000 000(Million) views on Youtube.

Caracara rapstar K.O. Has released a follow up ‘freestyle’ titled “No Fear” -taken from his highly anticipated and recently released “Skhanda Republic” album- on which we hear the internationally acclaimed african war theme song

“Niyabasaba Na’ ?
Asibasabi SiyabaFuna!!”

The song is produced by the Castime usual beat maestro ‘Lunatik’ -who has also produced for the likes of Kid X, Ma’E, and a lot of Castime Life Associates- & its quite a head-bobber tune.

Below you’ll find the links the download the song & also a link to view the Skhanda Republic Single Release. Click on desired link.

»View: KO – No Fear (Freestyle) (Official Music Video)

»DOWNLOAD: KO – No Fear (Freestyle)


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