♪ All About SETH SINGER ♬

Siphosethu Ngcetane also known by his stage name “SETH SINGER” is the true epitome of a young, black and gifted South African artist!

Born and bred in the Eastern Cape, he has always found music as a God given talent that he loved,and through this,at a young age managed to venture in to the craft by performing at public events such as weddings,school functions and birthday celebrations together with his cousins who were like minded at that time.

In 2008 he moved to Johannesburg in the quest to further his talent and education in order to get closer to his ambitions and live his dream. A year later he joined the Hillbrow Theater Project in hopes to expand his horizon via Performing Arts and excelled in Music,Drama and Dance. This led him to performing all around Johannesburg and managed to appear on SABC1’s popular youth entertainment show JAM ALLEY walking away with the NUMBER ONE spot,a decision made by celebrity judges Jamali.

Fast forward to the year 2013 he performed on a another youth show YOTV (EXTENSION 4)which aired on SABC 1,he has started to work on his first mixtape “Addictions”, where his captivating voice will dominate his one of a kind musical offering inspired by INTROSPECTIVE, SENSITIVE, ROMANTIC, CONFESSIONAL and POLITICAL issues in relation to a day in the shoes of an ordinary South African.

The year 2014 he did an interview on Wits University’s most popular radio segment hosted by DJ OZ, “The Total Package” and performed live on air for all the listeners. His lyrics are very EVOCATIVE and he stays realistic with his content. HE LETS’S IT ALL OUT!!

Seth Singer’s debut Mixtape “Addictions” is an elaboration of his perspective on being addicted to various worldly habits. He also highlights his past experiences in different situations,and reveals his hopes,ambitions and future ventures,through skits and his music.


To him this is just the beginning and if you want to know him better you can do so by listening to his music,or alternatively connect with him on the below mentioned social networks :

Facebook: Sethsingermusic 
Reverbnation: Seth Singer
Twitter: @seth_singer 

Bookings: 0735618967 / sethungcetane@yahoo.com

You can also view his blog –> sethsingermusic.blogspot.com


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