Local Brands Bite Off International Creativity.

I’m certain many of us have tuned into Channel O, MTV Base etc and saw these High Quality videos, all made in South African by Local production brands, such as Pilot Films and/or Space Studio Pictures.. We’re reviewing videos of the latter..

I’m sure you’ve seen ‘Space Studio Pictures’ on a video by Dj Dimplez, Dj Speedsta, Teargas etc. This brand is very popular amongst well known names emerging artists.. Their quality is of Internation standards, and so is their content in a literal sense..

So below we gonna be looking at some stills from 4 Music Videos, in which 2 were shot by Space Studio Pictures which happen to be too similar to some international music videos we found..

Here are 2 video comparisons :

Big Sean- I Do It (2011) vs Cassper Nyovest – Tsibip (2014)

2011 Big Sean released this while he was still hot and all about shining rings and chains.. We see a lot of name brands being shown in Tsibip, from Shoes, chains, snapbacks etc.. Coincidence ??

Another video shot by Space Studio Pictures (SSP) with a time frame of 9 month from the original to the copy..
Ty Dollar $ign – Or Nah (January 7, 2014) vs Dj Speedsta – Bad Chick(17 October 2014)

As with any case there’s always several sides to a story..

Possibility #1 :

All the ideas for the music video concepts come from the artists shooting the video and they’re the ones to blame/question, should the issue of ORIGINALITY arise ..

Possibility #2 :

SSP not only has international quality but they bite from it.

Possibility #3 :

The director of the video tries to overlook creativity and instead works on what has already been tried and tested in America..

And then they turn around and say “Play Local Or Die” .. Is local really lekker when its not really local ??


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