MUSIC: Theme – Dear Lord

Mhlengi Duma popularly known as Theme born on 23 May 1994 at Randocow

He started writing poems by 2006 till further then by 2009 he fell inlove with Rap Music so he started writing though the moment by Randocow was not that healthier than urban areas koz Randocow is on Rural Area

So Theme moved to Pietermaritzburg by 2010 he met sum ada rapper at school who had the same vision as him so he get connected for recording session so he started recording at SP Production,and Ghetto Production though It wasn’t that high quality studio, but the massage and the lyrics were clearly perceived.

Then by then Shizila Prodcutions which is owned by Kayshisa saw something in him he approached him to work together with him so yes they worked though school was the first thing to Theme so he couldn’t let music take over. After that he completed his matric by 2012 and moved to Durban where he met a lot of dope emcees and like so many shows every weekend so he got encouraged to attend shows and get to know other people who are doing well and take some advice, his first single titled ‘Self Complete’ which was Produced by Kali Beatz. He never stopped there he did a free mixtape titled “The Blind Date” with 13 tracks, then by 2014 this year he started working on his new mixtape titled ‘Absence Of Wackness’ which consists of 25 tracks featuring the likes of Target, Boxis, Mbovu, JoeMc, Ryhmestein(Bloemfontein), Snaz-Matic(Kimberly), Bustamc etc. The mixtape only costs R40 per copy.

He’s signed under Folks And Life Media and working alongside 3RD Mindz Elements, Dark City Muzik Records

Its said that in the song they’re talkin to the Lord, telling him about most the things that are happening in this world and around us as a whole. Its either down the streets,our homes,and neighbours,the track is emotional even the instrumental for the track the beat is on point and its radio friendly


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