Now yesterday we brough yoll a list compiled by African Hip Hop Blog of the 10 Greatest SA Verses So Far..

Today we bringing you another list compiled by Tumi via his Instagram page, Its Another list whereby you need to keep in mind its an opinion. Yet again its an opinion by ONE of South Africa’s greatest MCs of all time .

Before you carry on here’s a ‘disclaimer’ he started of with..
1. This is MY opinion, it can change but at this point this stands.
2. Great that so much good rapping is happening on hit singles.
3. I also don’t ever include myself in these lists so the shit can have some semblance of subject objectivity. That said, mahfahkas all lucky my battle against Ness Lee doesn’t qualify. Chess scheme and fuck your struggle last round huh! Some of the best rapping this year.
4. Oh, anybody who rapped with that Migos flow (Versace Versace) got automatic disqualification. For instance I love AKA’s verse on Run Jozi. “You go to my school,they can’t tell you shit ’bout Chris Hani,Chris Hani’ sorry that’s flow is takes too many points off a verse’s power.”
5. Remember, all of this is so you guys never forget that hip hop is rooted in skill and we must make it important to be skilled. Celebrate and honour the craft. Yada yada.

Anyway.. With that outta the way . Check this list out and tell us what you think of it .. We rated it ‘Fairly Accurate’ (9/10)

#VerseOfTheYear10‬ → Maggz – Amantombazane Remix
Maggz kinda been coasting for a while, always solid but not
wow. This song fit his layback shit very well but he brought something extra in his story and the Skhanda shit that has seen him fit Cashtime well. ‘Maggy’

#VerseOfTheYear9 ‬- Riky Rick – Nafukwa
Verse 2 The least rapping ass rapper not only made the most original rap song of 2014 but also invented a flow (modeled a little from Migos but he flipped it). “The Boyz in the bucks, the girls in the bucks, they coming with you, they leaving with us”

#VerseOfTheYear8 ‬- SPOEK MATHAMBO – Bob Mabena
Surprise of the year. Spoek has never really seemed to care too much to impress you with his verses. Here he is making a point to “skyf gents, kopa space sao shapa fela, 16 nyana’ okgalemela lenyatso phela”

#VerseOfTheYear7 ‬- Reason – 2Cups Shakur
Verse 2!! You get the sense this guy is just cruising at his own pace chilling but still washing so many mcis effortlessly. ‘No one of us wanna go back to where we was, that nightmare’s behind us drove past that in our dream cars’

#VerseOfTheYear6 ‬- Kwesta – Amantombazane Remix
Kwesta swears his verse was the verse of the year. I don’t think his verse was the best on the song let along the year. I think he did a great job on the flow, no correction, an amazing job on the flow, but there wasn’t any strong bars and it just ended up feeling like all flow. Not enough for VOTY. “Ah fuck I am amazing”

#VerseOfTheYear5 ‬. KID X -Amantombazane Remix
This kid just does too much. There is a moment in his verse
that is off but it works and it’s deliberate, only skill do that. My favourite rapper on this list. I am partial. I feel like X do things that people can’t see or hear, like those frequencies only dogs can hear. ‘Too many girls not enough rappers

#VerseOfTheYear4 ‬. GINGER TRILL – Fede Bade
Vs 2 Y’all gon’ hate me for this one. Smooth and swaggy but you don’t ever mistaken the skill. This 8 bar verse is so technically superb that it kills many 16 bar ones. The song is a bonified hit but might get buried in the noise of December.
‘When I tell em I wanna give em a rise

#VerseOfTheYear3 ‬. AKA – Bump The Cheese Up Remix
This is classic great rapping. You hear him go and you remember why he is a super dooper extra mega. Real spitter, crafty rhyme scheme. Cleaver delivery. Cassper was supposed to be on this remix, woulda been a moment I tell you. ‘Open up for Bieber?

#VerseOfTheYear2 ‬. KO – Run Jozi
This was his best verse yet and probably the best rapping on a major single this year. ‘Its the juxtaposition of choosing stupidity over intelligence’ come on man.

#VerseOfTheYear1 ‬. KO – No Fear
Inventive flows, crazy slang and word play. That whole first verse is a Mack Truck. Tell you what, I remember hearing his verse on L-Tido’s rolling and I was not getting why people were so into it, it was simple, some clever stuff but largely cheesy. Then he did that verse with HHP and Liquid deep, I was still like nah! He also did a remix of AKA’s Victory Lap and I literally fell off the chair laughing cuz it just didn’t work. Then I heard CaraCara and Run Jozi within weeks of each other at the studio and I realised, here was an mc searching.. Looking.. Trying.. Falling.. All that time And finally finding the beast inside him. He mixes that Kasi lingo with flow, cadence, and tons of character in his delivery. Hands down the best rapping on a released piece of music this year.

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