Robin ThirdFloor’s #AmantombazaneFreestyle Gets Salute From Riky Rick.

“Last year sas’ buthwa ney’ ntuli,this year,this year si DM(er) ney khulu,telling us we brands they’d like to endorse,oooh weeeh iphi mali wendoda”

‘Ayi shube may’shuba got the whole team screaming AYISHUBE MAYISHUBA!’

Above are Lyrics from Robin ThirdFloor’s Brand New #AmantombazaneFreestyle which he released yesterday at 12:00pm .. With only the video to watch and no audio to download one has no choice but to view and also see what Riky Rick was talking about.. After merely 24 hours of being released (and 173 views) .. Riky Rick has commented words of encouragement to Robin & Showed love on the newly released video..

»VIEW: Robin Thirdfloor – Amantombazane(Freestyle Music Video) «

Video was Shot By Royal Visions/TriggaBeatz


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