KoolHeadz Interview: ABDUS

“I’ve got too many bright ideas sebezama ukungfaka iCover yeLamp enhloko” .. So so true. Says the man whose put in so much WORK that the South African Department Of Education has decided to include abit of Abdus in it.

Cava how we had a talk with one of the few guys that has been relevant for years and seems to be genuinely undefeated..

KLHDZ: For those who don’t know .. Why do you call yourself Abdus what does that name signify to you ?
Abdus: Abdus means: the servant of peace. To me it signifies that I’m not just a rapper or an Mcee who’s guarded by English names in order to fit in. It basically means I’m me & I’m different. Just to add, I didn’t like the fact of sharing a name with any rapper as many people do & end up fighting over it.

KLHDZ: (FAN) -How does He feel having a great album but not getting recognition He deserves ?
Abdus: It’s obviously not good but it depends ukuthi usho kanjani because for me selling +10,000 copies is amazing cause imali iza kumina rather than a record company handing me some change from my hard work. People need to educate themselves,bazi ukuthi just because I’m independent akusho ukuthi akuna-movement or progress. People think a Deal equals success/wealth/­comfort,WRONG! Akusebenzi kanjalo.

KLHDZ: What inspired LOL
Abdus: L.O.L was written for abantu abathanda ukukhuluma & think ukuthi “yaah,this will hurt him”,”dude usuphuphile” lol so it was inspired by Courage,The Drive & Skills. And okunye that inspired the song is the lack of creativity ku-Music manje, hence the beat & the content is on steriods “LOL” just the comfort that so called rappers abakuyona & offer youth Garbage music onga-Reflecti at all,just made me play hero.

KLHDZ: How true are the rumors that LOL is an old single ?
Abdus: Hahahahaha the song is very much brand new,if not can they quote any line & bring them forth as evidence? Hahaha this is funny. Anyone that knows my music will tell ukuthi even the Style is foreign kubona to be coming from me cause I’ve never done at all.

KLHDZ: If you were to collabo with an international ‘commercial’ artist, who would it be ?
Abdus: I think R. Kelly,the guy does it all A to Z. Kelly is so underrated & abantu bazomkhumbula esefile. So sad.

KLHDZ: What do you think of the Durban music scene compared to JHB ?
Abdus: Durban basenza ngemlomo,eJozi kuyasetshenzwa kujulukwe.

KLHDZ: (FAN) – How easy does He think the thrown is gonna be to take back?
Abdus: As soon as people realize ukuthi there was never a thrown or a crown. Unless maybe we were to crown those who have big mouths,those who facebook ngabanye abantu & tweelebrities. That would be interesting but angikholelwa kuleyonto. Shayi’spani uthul’ephansi.

KLHDZ: Durban has a lot of online commentators, do you see this as a good or bad thing in terms of music and ‘word-of-mouth’ ?
Abdus: Like I said above,kusetshenzwa ngemlomo in Durban,its bad cause as much as they commentate,they have nothing to show for it. For example,we’ve seen so many people having a say kuyona yonke into eyenzekayo from who has a beef with(& they actually take sides) to who is better than who(& actually take sides,fearlessly) but do they have solid projects with 15-20 songs instead of remixes of a song ongakaze uyizwe even the original song before*crickets*….­uhm ok.

KLHDZ: What has been your most humbling experience in all your years of being an artist ?
Abdus: The fact ukuthi some schools la eKZN wrote their Zulu Exam paper “Behlaziya” my lyrics. That was for me a milestone. In history of education from Bantu education till now,there’s never been a time where some musician’s music was to be disected in order to learn from it. If my music crap how come the department of education agreed on it? For me that’s the ultimate. Performing overseas was also humbling. The reception was mind blowing.

KLHDZ: How hard has it been being a totally drug-free person in this day and age which is all about Turn Ups ?
Abdus: Its thee most beautiful thing,knowing your opinion is rooted from sober corners of your heart & soul. I always say “Life is not a party for me” so amaTurn ups & downs will come & go & I won’t even notice. I’m good,angyena umuntu othanda izinto. Those who really know me will tell you.

KLHDZ: What have you been busy with cause people have BEEN asking about you ?
Abdus: I’m doing tv,modeling & music,so kukona konke,I’m taking my time. I don’t allow other people’s pressure steam any pressure kmina. I’m a very relaxed person & I don’t work to be famous,that’s not my objective.

KLHDZ: (FAN) – Where did He get that scary scar in his face ?
Abdus: Do I have a scary scar?????? Lol the small one on my forehead,my sister hit me with a cup. It was an accident,but its not scary & one hardly notices it.

KLHDZ: What are you busy with except for music ? Do you work or any other speciality ?
Abdus: We’ve recently teamed up with Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife to raise awareness about Rhino Poaching,hence the upcoming show ku-SABC1 I’ll be presenting with other 2 lovely peeps,Ntombi Mkhathini & Sbusiso Breeze Shezi. I also do community work namaOrphanage athize adinga usizo lweMotivation.

KLHDZ: What’s has been your most overwhelming fan encounter experience ?
Abdus: In Newcastle we saw a guy that tattooed my name! I thought that was insane. It still shocking kwamanje. Amazing what couple of raps can do. Words are powerful,I hope artists realize that,what you say will make or break a soul.

KLHDZ: You’ve been in the game for YEARS.. What is the one thing you’ve learnt from personal experience when it comes to working with other people
Abdus: I’ve learnt that most of the time you work with people who will turn against you at a snap of a finger,no matter how good you made their song or record sound. I’ve seen it all & heard it all,lapho I’m not even that old LOL

KLHDZ: Your (sober) thoughts on this AKA vs Cassper beef ?
Abdus: I don’t care what’s happening in terms of beefs & what not. But all I know is that as long as people always choose sides,some people will always benefit from that segregation. Hence that old beef card is played often to generate profit.

KLHDZ: Some people were confused as on your most recent single LOL, You said something along the lines of “ngvele ngangena I didn’t even wipe my feet at the door. . But who would endawen egcwel abafazi akusekh izinsizwa anymore” what does that mean ? Is it in a literal sense or there’s some subliminals in there ?
Abdus: After realising of my track “Omampintsha” khona abakhumula amabhulukwe bagqoka iziketi namaQox. No one approached me to attain answers or an explanation about the song,but instead they did what I also said at the end of the song,that they will go on social networks to vent out their stupid opinions. I couldve said “iGame igcwele abantu abangenaBack Bone” just making an example,but mina I always look for something that would make umuntu question themselves or maybe look around trying to find people who fit that criteria. I’m not here to find friends,I really don’t care about that. I say what I feel & I’m apologetic about it. I stand alone & by my words.

KLHDZ: There’s been a lot of debating about “Lack of females in hip hop” .. Do you think Talent is being overlooked or females don’t work hard enough to get recognized or they seriously don’t care about being in hip hop ? What are your thoughts ?
Abdus: If females stopped competing for everything that guys do & blaze their own trails. Have their own shows,dominate their women kingdom & stopped focusing on trying to please men,bangaya kude. Let me make an example,when guys are together we talk sports,games & women & some of us discuss real life issues depending on people you hang with. Women talk being cheated on,struggles as women & their love for shopping. So why is it hard for them to take that make music about it? I’m one person who cannot listen to any female rapper that does kasi rap,talking about murdering someone knowing she has curfew kubo. Unless she’s a loose canon & smokes woonga then maybe I can believe it. They should start seeing music as a reflection of one’s self, & also stop comparing themselves to what overseas mass media offers them. Those people have their own agendas,so as our women. We wanna hear that.

KLHDZ: Whose in your ‘Team’ ? Like who do you generally work with ? In terms of beats, recording, Mix & mastering managing and stuff ?
Abdus: I work with whoever I like to work with. I like the challenge, new sounds,new ideas,but obviously I work with Brain who is just this genius in terms of mixing & mastering. Falling in love with his ideas,wonder is also a familiar accomplice,he grew up fast & his always amazing to work with cause we challenge each other. I’m drawn close to the sound of a brilliant guy called Lunga Soulfaktor who did “Impressed with myself” kwi-The Library. That guys’s sound is leading me to the realms that I’ll later understand(Growth). Now there’s a new blood I’m working with,YB! Very humble high school kid,so young with a grown ass man’s baseline! I’m blessed & also Trey from DreamTeam,we come too far with that one & The Libray was done at his small studio,mixed & mastered there by him. That’s a brother right there.Managing,I work with isupport music business,Marlijn is my manager,a workaholic & a good adviser.

KLHDZ: I gotta ask.. Niche Fam went on Vuzu and talked about how they told you that you shouldn’t have released your (I’m assuming) “Mampintsha” single and that they adviced you against it and you still did it ?? And also.. what was your reaction to seeing some DURBAN Brothers you’d just recently worked with on TV talking about you like that ?
Abdus: Hahahahahahahahah­ahahahahahahaha!!! They never advised me on anything haha their story always changes,I wonder. I told VUZU that I’ll only do an interview with them present cause I wanna hear for myself. There hasn’t been anything yet. & I’ll ask that if people do wanna bring it up,they must make sure that both parties are there so we can avoid going back & forth. Then you’ll know what happened,funny story that involves drunk people trying to play heros. & can I also make it known ukuthi one member was never present at all & naye doesn’t even know what happened but his very much active when it comes to discussing this thing. & its quite funny that you get a platform like VUZU & you speak about “imaginery beef” instead of pushing your product,& look what happened! The only thing people took from that interview was that “beef” talk,nothing about their upcoming projects or something. On top of that they were talking about something that happened 3 years ago LOL nx ay man LOL. By the way,DreamTeam is killing it!!! just saying

KLHDZ: Which Internation And/Or Local Artist would you have loved to feature on your next project ?
Abdus: Pharoahe monch(international)­,Locally,Zubz & Thandiswa Mazwai.

KLHDZ: What’s your playlist looking right now ?
Empire of the Sun-Ice on the dune (the whole album)
– Snow Patrol
– Fallen Empire
– Pharoahe monch
– Mf Doom
– Zubz
– Deep house(Louis Vega,Samantha James,Old school classic house) -and my Fusion/Jazz mix I compile myself

KLHDZ: What are 5 things you think people don’t know(or rather they always wrongfully assume) about you ?
Abdus: The one that I’ve conquered is people who think I’m arrogant, especially for speaking the truth. People who have met me(including the ones that said ngineEgo) will tell you I’m a very friendly person who keeps his promises & a good listener.
– I don’t listen to rap,well only maybe 10% of my time I listen to it but that’s just about it. I love deep house
– I write with both hands,I usually write love songs with my left hand cause that’s the side the heart is slighly at. Nothing special
– I’m a good swimmer
– I did gymnastics

KLHDZ: At what age is Abdus getting married ?
Abdus: Noma inini,ngeke nazi masengishadile futhi LOL

KLHDZ: What would you like to say to anyone who has been a huge fan of Abdus from DAY 1 till now and looks up to you whose also a rapper/artist ?
Abdus: I know everytime I open my mouth,it costs them a friendship with other people,potential friendship or relationship cause they always have to defend me. I don’t have words for that,but I call them my family,even the ones I’ve never met. They don’t have to stand up for me but they do it out of love & passion for the ideas I bring forth. I keep them in serious prayers for real. I have believers,not fans.

KLHDZ: Nomzamo Mbatha(Thandeka) or Jessica Nkosi(Qondi) ?
Abdus: Miss Mbatha,uQondi uthanda imkhovu LOL

Man! Massive Shouts to Abdus what an interesting and pleasurable person to know.. Who do you think is likely to follow the likes of Abdus in Durban Hip-Hop ?? Comment Let’s Us Know!!

Here are some of his recent singles out for download..
» DOWNLOAD: Abdus – Omampintsha(031 Rap Reality Show Pt1)
» DOWNLOAD: ABDUS – L.O.L (Single 2014)

Contact :
• Abdus (Search For Fan Page)


3 thoughts on “KoolHeadz Interview: ABDUS

  1. After reading this interview my heart settled, I am one of the rappers whom the entrance to hip hop was the inspiration of abdus, believe me ask everyone I never ever spoke of any rapper but him.
    I’m quite powerful now and my music is getting viral. All I can say to abdus Iz thank you *respect* I also want to say I’m not looking for an opportunity to work with you but I’m being factual…lol well working with you will certainly be an honour.
    -I’m risen under your inspiration and watch me step on your footsteps…

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