KoolHeadz ZOOMin : Nigeria’s Coldman.

KoolHeadz crossed borders and reached the land of the african frence..(So I’ve been told) and had a lil one-on-one action with one of Naija’s most blossoming producers Mr. ColdMan Himself..

Cava how we ZOOMinSPOT with Coldman a nigerian producer that has more clients abroad than around his hood and have his own entertainment company (CGP).

KoolHeadz : What does Coldman mean to you ? Why do you call yourself that ?
Coldman : uhm.. Coldman is taken from my surname.. My surname is Oloye which means “Owner Of Cold” in my dialect.

KoolHeadz : How is the struggle in regards to being a producer in nigeria
Coldman : Its hard but You know we have a lot of talented producers in nigeria and I just have to crave a niche for myself to stand out.

KoolHeadz : How did you learn to earn a living and sustain a career doing what you love?
Coldman : I have a lot of musicians that patronize me and apart from that, I have a career aside producing. I’m also happen to be an artist.

KoolHeadz : Speaking of that,what qualifications do you have as an individual ?
Coldman : I’m a Computer Science graduate Of Joseph Ayo Babalola University.

KoolHeadz : How do I determine if someone is truly worth collaborating with?
Coldman : Generally I’ll check his past work and also tha love tha streets has 4 this person.

KoolHeadz : According to you,Why would someone choose to collaborate with Coldman ?
Coldman : if the person was to check ma past work, listen 2 ma recent tracks and if he likes it, he’ll work with me. And Trust me, the person is going to like them.:)

KoolHeadz : Which companies are you working with right now
Coldman : My company CGP Entertainment and Global Media entertainment. It all started way back in 2009. I have always wanna bring up talented people (like myself), work with them and share ideas with them. I started with likes of Kokoboy and strawberry when I started making beats for free and went to T-blade aka Alaska fo the recording, mixing and mastering of the song. It is based in Nigeria and it consist of artist like Kokoboy, Olusola, Kriyl and Benjidi

KoolHeadz : How do you handle a heavy workload? How do you prioritize day to day tasks?
Coldman : Ahhh man, I just take and do things in my own pace and just take it 1 day at a time and do thingz in order of their importance.

KoolHeadz : How do you encourage people around you to progress and achieve the best?
Coldman : I advise them not to give up that we can be what we want to be in life and everything we do if we believe in ourselves and work hard.

KoolHeadz : Your Celebrity crush is ??
Coldman : Eva and Yemi Alade (drooling face)

KoolHeadz : Who are the biggest artists you’ve worked with ?
Coldman : I don’t really believe in the word “big artist” we are all big just that time and money has keep a distance between some of us. Uhhhh Well, I have worked with “big artists” like Drew, Dharsaw, Olusola, High M, Kokoboy, Kriyl and leak banga (NYC, USA) to mention a few. Still trying to work with the likes of Vector, M.I, Lace, Phenom, Tuface e.t.c

KoolHeadz : When will coldman get married ??
Coldman : Not anytime soon 😀

KoolHeadz : How did you start producing and what gave you the motivation to stay with it?
Coldman : oh man,I started producing the year 2007. I mean wow.. I love everything about it.. I just love sound and the outcome of my work, that was why it was so easy for me to stay with it.

KoolHeadz : If someone didn’t know Coldman.. How would you introduce yourself ? (In a paragraph talk about urself)
Coldman : Aiii.. I don’t usually let people know who I really am personally. But I like to let my work to speak for me

KoolHeadz : As a producer on the come up.. Do you ever have any doubts in your mind that you aren’t going to be successful?
Coldman : Loool. Yeah, kinda. Sometimes I get discouraged and face a lot of downfalls and I get over it. And get back to doing what I love.

KoolHeadz : How do you get inspiration ?
Coldman : A lot of different ways. Sometimes when I’m high,Sometimes when I’m bored,Sometimes when I’m busy.. Or even people around me, life on its own is an inspiration to me.

KoolHeadz : Are there any Good South African songs/artists you’ve heard or listen to ?
Coldman : Yes Yes Yes I Do.. The likes of Da L.E.S, Proverb, AKA, HHP etc.

KoolHeadz : How would you motivate someone who wants to be producer ?
Coldman : I’ll tell dat person to keep on making beats and to send it to people that he/she knws will help them out because a lot of young ambitious producers can get laced into horrible traps and get used.. So be sure about being rewarded about your work And finally, to keep believing in himself

Thank you so much and shouts to @ColdmanCGP for allowing us to let YOU know more about our very own home grown talents… If you didn’t know, Well now you do.

DOWNLOAD/VIEW: All Songs Produced Coldman

Who do you think deserves the next #ZOOMinSPOT .. Comment and let us know


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