Riky Rick On Cover Of 5th Issue Of Online Mag – Naeto World

Online Magazine Hits Local Scene with the cover of the 5th issue graced by Riky Rick Himself..

“For those who don’t know, NAETO WORLD is the cool, exciting, informative, entertaining and educational world that we reside in. It covers everything from music, lifestyle, fashion, performing arts and also publishes your thoughts as a reader when you speak your on social networks and on our cameras.”

You can access/download & view the magazine, If you have a computer, smart phone, tablet or even a playbook you can access the NAETO WORLD magazine.

Download It Here:

[Pdf Format] (9.99MB)

This issue features:

– Exclusive interview with Riky Rick
– The Authentic Sundays Team
– The Layders
– TTP Presents HipHop Sessions
– Album and Box Office Reviews
– Gig Guide and many more

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NAETO WORLD (Keepin’ It 1 Hunnit)


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