Titen The Moor – Hip Hop [ Free D/L]

Inspired by some of the pioneers of hip hop.. We’re talking about Dead Prez, Nas, Lupe Fiasco and Guru. Titen The Moor takes a crack at free mixing a legendary beat, adding that ‘Titen The Moor’ Feel to it…

He’s said to be still working on the release dates for my EP titled “THE SON OF THE PHARAOHS SON” with MagicM as the executive mixer, Lmass and Archie’s producer “Maraka Robs” on a freestyle titled “away with me”.

And after having made a guest appearance on Sir Robin ThirdFloor’s Mixtape “Sounds Empty Pockets Make” on a track called “Starfish (Faded)”, He’s also currently working on his second project already which is titled “MOORISH BEHAVIOR”.

“I consider myself a very lyrical MC given the fact that I feel that lyrics play a larger role in a song than the beat,even though it’s just as vital..so when you bump my music,listen..” Titen The Moor

» DOWNLOAD: Titen The Moor – Hip Hop


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