Lwansta’s Long Awaited NORMVL..

‘Ah shit, I always get nervous when I have to do these intro things… Ngyadlala ngiphapha kanje’ hahah cool intro to a Very Godly Mixtape.. #NORMVL is Lwansta’s 7th independent project release.. Which dropped 21 August 2014.

We love this #NORMVL Mixtape simply because it gives one everything they’d want in a mixtape which is a bunch of songs, You can relate to in any/every different mood..

The title is based off a concept created by Lwansta himself, based off the dictionary definition of the word “normal”, which is defined as: “conforming to a standard; usual, typical, or expected.”. Lwansta’s theory objects to the given definition, and states that not everyone has a single standard they follow, everyone has their own “normal” and their own “weird”, that therefore renders the concepts of “normal” and “weird” non-existent. Normality is an illusion.

Lwansta also uses #NORMVL to justify the way he perceives life and lives, he’s been labeled “weird” on numerous occasions, but all he’s doing is being #NORMVL.

On songs such as “Fire Place Flow” and “The Guild”, you find Lwansta returning to his renowned fast-paced flows. these 2 songs are the only outliers on the tracklist. With ‘The Guild’ (feat. Fonzo, Kimosabe & Blaqphamas) & Fire Place Flow (feat) Lil Trix [which is rumored to be a part of I’m Beastin’]..

Then some personal stories shared in #NORMVL like “The Corner” [My personal favorite] (which is like a phone call with him apologizing and explaining his love for music to his Dad who disapproves) then “Lindiwe” which is sampled from his big brother Kimosabe’s (Sixfo) song ‘Pretend like I’m Happy’ which talks about a female Lwansta admired and was pretty popular with the guys. Then “Introspection” where he talks about how he’s changed a lot by doing something he loves.. he feels as thou’ its turned him into someone ‘who smiles less often’ and ‘dismisses people who look up to him’ as he put it.

The mixtape’s tracklist consists of 10 songs, 3 in which you find Lwansta tapping into his inner beatmaker, and 3 skits.

Won’t let yoll in on too much info of this mixtape but what I can say is .. ‘GO AND COP YOUR OWN COPY’ .. Its definitely money well spent .. What we love about this Mixtape is that its very personal.. It doesn’t sound/feel like something manufactured just to sell .. Its like every song had its own time period, passion & heartfelt lyricism which was dedicated to it..

You can stream snippets off all the song on the mixtape clicking on the link below .. or Just buy the Mixtape from him personally the Physical Copy is R50 & The digital(email) ones go for R30 .. You can also download a single taken off his mix tape :

» DOWNLOAD: Lwansta – Fire Place Flow (feat. Lil Trix)

» Click to Stream Snippets Of #NORMVL Mixtape

To Contact Lwansta :

Facebook: Lwansta Normvl Nkan-Yeezy

Or FB Fan Page : Lwansta

– Twitter : @DeathByLwansta

– Email : Lwansta@gmail.com

#NORMVLwansta ☺


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