KLHDZ Interview With Ifani Haymani

We had a chat with one of South Africa’s most entertaining (and award winning) artists .. Ewe B’reiy .. We talkin’ about Mr Milli himself iFani Haymani (Real Name Mzayifani Mzondeleli Boltina).. The Ingoma Ezimnandi rapper has made it quite enjoyable for listeners of any age to listen to him rapping in his mother tongue (Xhosa), with witty puns & some truth found in most of his verses..

Cava the convo that unfolded..

KLHDZ: For those who have no idea, What does IFani Haymani mean ?
iFani: Ayifani – means it’s not the same in isiXhosa. Hay’mani – means “no man”.
It’s not the same. No man, it’s not at all.

KLHDZ: Who did you grow up listening to ?
iFani: Everything. From Tupac to Rebecca Malope to Boyz II men. 

KLHDZ: Your style of music is VERY Unique, Who inspired/inspires you to stay as unique as you’ve presented yourself to the S.A Music Industry ?
iFani: We are all unique. I just chose to embrace my uniqueness and not cover it up by trying to be someone else.
KLHDZ: When you made the song ‘Milli’ .. How many digits did your account have at the time ?
iFani: -R60 000. I was owing money on both my credit cards. Thankxx to Dreamteam,  things quickly changed.

KLHDZ: Who/What are you listening to locally right now ?
iFani: All the new releases. OkMalumKoolKat, Cassper, AKA, Sakhekile, Kid X & Lex Lafoy. 

KLHDZ: What’s your most valued asset ?
iFani: My mind.

KLHDZ: Is there any sport that you follow ‘religiously’ ?
iFani: Yes. Local HipHop. 

KLHDZ: What do you view as your biggest achievement to date ?
iFani: Making it this far alive. I’ve come close to losing this life of mine too many times.

KLHDZ: Most overwhelming fan encounter experience ?
iFani: Almost every weekend I see flames from my fans. They really can’t help it and I understand it’s the love that makes them lose their minds.

KLHDZ: If You had the power, Which few rules would you implement for the better of Hip Hop ?
•Thou shalt not hate on each other!
•Thou shalt not copy each other’s lines.

KLHDZ : Someone once tweeted they bought your album and you replied “Thank You.. Sony Music Africa must be happy” .. What’s the exact hold’ up or issue with Song Music Africa ? & Do you ever regret hooking up with them ?
iFani: Yes, I regret everyday signing with them. I trusted that they would do what they promised but it turns out it was all a trap. I understand now and I won’t make the same mistake of trusting people with my work again.

KLHDZ: How many free singles will be released & when can we expect the next album ?
iFani: Next album is coming next year. There will be free music all year starting end of August. 

KLHDZ: Are there any International and/or local artists you feel have changed the game in these last few years ?
iFani: Yeah. Drake. Listen to Basadi by Lection, Run Jozi by AKA & Doc Shebeleza by Cassper and you’ll understand how much Drake has influenced the game and that’s just SA.
Uhuru has also changed the sound of the continent. 

KLHDZ: How true were the rumors that you were going to quit/leave the Music Industry for a career in Engineering ? Hence that part in your twitter bio..
iFani: Nah, never true. I left engineering for music not the other way around. 

KLHDZ: Why would you study Engineering .. Then choose Music as a Career ?  Was this still a case of “something to fall back on” or you were serious about going into Engineering ? Which area of Engineering do u specialize in ?
iFani: Computer Engineering. I worked as a Process Control Engineer for SABMiller and later decided I needed to follow my heart before I die, at least once. I did & it turned out great!

KLHDZ: What Inspired your outfit to the SAMAs
iFani: My #chocolate. 

Ifani Accepting Best Hip Hop Album Award At The SAMAs

Ifani Accepting Best Hip Hop Album Award At The SAMAs

KLHDZ: The Stumbo Stomp show looks great.. How does it feel presenting & seeing yourself on TV ?  
iFani: It’s a great feeling. It’s always great to do new things and I’m enjoying being a new presenter. My show is growing weekly.

KLHDZ: What are 5 Things People Never knew about you/your music ?
iFani: I don’t know what people know or don’t know..
I dream a lot. I work hard. I travel a lot. I love mango juice. I am trying to buy a Ferrari.

KLHDZ: What can’t you stand about most rappers ?
iFani: The fact that they think they will reign forever. Everyone has their time.

KLHDZ: Name a few artists you feel as thou’ deserve more credit..
iFani: Nobody deserves credit. You work to get credit. If you don’t have enough credit then you are not working hard & smart enough.
KLHDZ: Most disappointing moment/curve in your career ?
iFani: Leaving DreamteamSA.  I thought it would be forever or at least a very long time. But oh well…life.

KLHDZ: If You Had A Chance To Sign An Artist/s Write Now, Who Would It Be ??
iFani: Devour from Daveyton. 

KLHDZ: Do you think Djs play a big role, in the South African music world like in America ?
iFani: Yeah they are but I’m not sure about America & what they do there. Here, they are doing a great job.

KLHDZ: 5 words to describe winning ‘Rap Album Of The Year 2014’ at the SAMAs ?
iFani: Excited. Overwhelmed. Confused why it’s not LIVE on TV. Blessed. Honoured.

A recent ndebele inspired outfit he wore on his show

A recent ndebele inspired outfit he wore on his show

KLHDZ: S.A artists are doing collabo’s with Nigerian artists, to tap into that nigerian market … Are you also plan on doing 1 soon ?
iFani: Yebo yes ewe, b’reiy.

KLHDZ: For you who’s the most hard working artist right now ?
iFani: Myself.
Jokes… I really don’t know b’reiy coz I’m too busy working.

KLHDZ: TKZee or Big Nuz ?
iFani: Big NUZ. 

KLHDZ: What’s your take on the beef between AKA and Cassper Nyovest ?
iFani: Childish and unnecessary. 

KLHDZ: Are You and L-tido still cool after he took out your verse on Steve Kekana Remix ?
iFani: I’m cool with everyone except those who owe me money.
Tido is a cool guy & didn’t remove the verse to spite me.

KLHDZ: Do you South African Hip Hop, is in the right direction or it took a wrong turn ?
iFani: No such thing as a wrong turn. It’s all part of the journey to be big in Africa. Big up to every artist who’s part of this growth in our country.

KLHDZ: How many cars do you have ? (Models)
iFani: I own 0 cars. My company owns two cars. I would tell you the models but that company doesn’t sponsor us so no free endorsement.

KLHDZ: Jay-Z or 50 Cent or Kanye West ?
iFani: Kanye West.

KLHDZ: In ‘Ingoma Ezimnandi’ You say “uToys(sp) undijongile” who is ‘Tois/Toys’?
iFani: Toice is my big cousin sister. She’s everything to me. 

KLHDZ: What do you think are the qualities needed for an artist to be successful in any genre ?
iFani: There’s no formula. Anything can or cannot work. Just be yourself through it all.

KLHDZ: Jessica Nkosi or Nomzamo Mbatha ?
iFani: Definitely Jessica Nkosi.

Host of the new Stumbo Stomp Show On SABC 1

Host of the new Stumbo Stomp Show On SABC 1


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