Beastin’ In A Minute

Let’s ‘Take A Minute’ and get to know the man behind ‘Take A Minute’ .. You might know him as one of Durban’s most talented rapper .. or one of Durban’s most well known rapper.. He’s releasing his album this month and we had the honor of scoring an interview prior his release which is set to even hit Botswana.

I’m talking about none other than the “031 Beast” from a normal guy carrying Global Warming in his hand to an Artist releasing an album under Gallo Records nationwide..

Cava The Talk we had with Beast.. 😉

How did the name ‘Beast’ come about ??

Back in high school I was called BZ, then BZee then BZee the BEAST lol … BZ and BZee were very popular amongst my peers but I couldn’t bring it to my career because of its origin. I can’t even share the story on public platforms. I chose to stick with just BEAST because I didn’t wanna attach my past to the brand.

Locally, Who did you grow up listening to?

When you say “growing up”, i assume you mean when i was a youngster. I’m a kwaito typa guy. I listened to every single TKZee album, Mapaputsi, name it, I had it. On the Hip Hop side of life, I listened to Zuluboy, Ruma, P.R.O., Jabba Man you know. 

For a person who doesn’t know Beast, how would you describe yourself ?

A. In one word I would say I’m approachable. I also love music as a whole. I’m a family guy, I would kill for them. I love having fun with good people. I also like surrounding myself with people that are constantly trying to grow themselves and better their lives. You can’t separate me from my music.

Your album will be in stores, in the whole country and even Botswana we hear. How does that feel ?

A. It feels unreal. I think it hasn’t sunk in yet. That’s because I’ve had a number of instances where I “almost” made it big but things fell apart at the very last minute so I’ll only celebrate once the album is in stores and people are responding well to it. Premature celebrations kill your self esteem when things don’t come together.

We heard that the released date for your album has been postponed, is it cause of a good course or bad ?

It’s for a good cause. We just want to maximise demand. We need to move as many units as possible so we have to be strategic with everything. The release date for TAKE A MINUTE is now 15 SEPTEMBER 2014. The album will be released under DM MEDIA & GALLO RECORDS.

What type of deal do you have with Gallo Records ?

It’s a licencing deal.

Who/What inspires you? 

My family, the look in my son’s eyes, my team & the hunger to succeed.

What car do you drive ?

I drive a VW Golf VI GTi DSG

What would you say is your greatest achievement so far ?

A. In music, my 4 Original Material Awards.

5 words to describe your album ?

A. You Definitely Need A Copy.

Do you think Dj’s play a big role, in the South African music like in America ?

They definitely do play a role but it cannot be measured against the Americans because their content is dominated by their music and our content is dominated by American music aswell.  Now there’s no balance there. They support their own before anybody else. Similar to how the fellow Nigerians support each other.

If you were given the right to write 3 laws of Hip Hop, what would they be ?

Though shall not imitate.
Though shall be true to self.
Though shall rap your ass off.

Do you think South African Hip Hop, is in the right direction or it took a wrong turn ?

I love where SA hip hop is at right now. As much as the style is noticeably changing, it is inviting a larger audience. If you look at songs like Cara Cara you will notice that even people who aren’t really into hip hop are singing along, dancing and even purchasing the song. That’s beneficial to the hip hop community. That’s what we need no matter which style gets the job done. We need to grow our market.

Mandela Money , Tsholofelo or LEVELS ? 

A. Tsholofelo

Who would you consider as your ‘most hard working artist’ at the moment ?

A. Without a doubt, Cassper Nyovest.

What sport do you follow ‘religiously’ ?

Soccer. Maybe not “religiously” but I do follow it.

Which single will you be releasing first ?

Ithemba ft Sfiso Ncwane. 

How did you manage hook such a huge fan base in Durban ? What tracks/mixtapes do you have out ?

I have a 16 track mixtape out called ‘Global Warming’. People responded very, very, very well to it. I think that’s where I captured most of my fan base. The one track that did the most damage was ‘Leopard Skin’. My tracks ‘Impilo eTop’ & ‘Somewhere In Durban’ also captured the hearts of many fans, old and new.

What advice would you give a rapper out there, tryna make it ?

Go out there and do whatever it is that you feel like doing. There are no rules. Hustle, Break barriers, meet influential people. Make contacts, know who does what within the industry. Try to get them to be a phone call away.

Leopard Skin, still rocks even today. What is it that makes your music last forever ? 

I would say, the way that I write my lyrics. I always write considering myself as a fan. I often rehearse my verses countless times before recording just so I can try and listen to them from another point of view. I ask myself “Is this what I would wanna hear from a rapper?”

Mashayabhuqe KaMamba , Riky Rick or MalumKoolKat ?

Haha OKMalumKoolKat

What has been your most overwhelming fan encounter experience ?

South Africans don’t do all of that crazy stuff until you’re a megastar hahaha but there is something that happened that really touched my heart. I was walking at The Gateway theatre of shopping and then an old man stared at me for a good 15 seconds then approached me. He said:

“Wendodana awusiye usaziwayo wena? uBeast angithi? Sengikubona ngekepisi mfan wam.. uqhubeke baba sikubhekile, muhle umsebenzi wakho.” 

I was startled and couldn’t figure out how he knows me then it hit me… I was in the paper the day before that and was wearing the same Stay Kool hat I had on lol but the fact that he remembered my name was touching.

What kinda features does your Album have ?

It has Zakwe, Sfiso Ncwane, Young Cannibal, Skye Wanda, Nana Attah, Flowsik & Tellaman. On production we have One-nder, Select Play & Encore band.

Which Artist/s do you feel have changed the game in the past few years ? Internationally & Locally ..

HHP, Morafe, P.R.O., Teargas and Zakwe. 

Internationally, the boys from TDE (Kendrick Lamar, Ab Soul, Schoolboy Q & Jay Rock) are changing a whole lot. 

Amanda Du Pont or Nomzamo Mbatha ?
Nomzamo Mbatha

26 – Any message to your fans ?
I LOVE YOOOOOUUUUUU and don’t forget…

Remember to save the date & cop’ his album in stores .. 15 September!!

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