Throo Lavaconda’s Mirror

Today we unleash ‘The Revenge Of The Nerds’ haha just kidding, but these next 2 singles are for people who actually take note of lyrics & the message behind a song..

Its by a guy who goes by the alias ‘Lavaconda’ who just released a lil some’n some’n and WARNED yoll, That you should listen with caution because not everybody will understand the intellectual complexity of this song.

The main single is the one titled, “Artificial Hammock Formed Lips” and the one that is titled, “Psychological Slavery” is the back bone (support) for the main song. Both these songs are taken off his upcoming project titled “Throo The Mirror”.

He had this to say about Artificial Hammock Formed Lips:
I love this song even though I know that a lot of people won’t understand it and that will lead them into NOT liking it. I also produced the beat for this song (Its Electronic Dance music) BUT lyrically it’s Cryptic Poetry, a lot of people will listen to it and THINK they understand it when really don’t (I will bow down for you if you fully understand it after listening to it for the first time) there’s 3main stories to this song (multiple encryption) what inspired me to right this song is how the business world works and how it affects the ignorant masses.” I won’t give out more info because I don’t want to spoil the fun process of trying to decode this song. If you want clues to help you understand the song contact me.

DOWNLOAD: Lavaconda – Artificial Hammock Formed Lips

He Had This To Say About Psychological Slavery:
This song is basically me making it crystal clear to the public that I used to do Hip Hop/Rap and I left it, not because I’m not good with it but just because I don’t like it that much, as you can see for yourself from listening to this song that if did Hip Hop/Rap I would beat a lot of rappers. I also speak of “being real” which is what inspired the song, I hear a lot of rappers bragging about being real when they are just being totally FAKE so I just needed to highlight their ignorance. I won’t give out everything about the song cause I don’t want to be a spoiler but what you should also know is that I produced the beat.

DOWNLOAD: Lavaconda – Psychological Slavery

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