Lubar – Didn’t I (Interview + D/L)

New female rapper on the scene that’s got everybody talking about how ‘Niiice’ she is with bars and they weren’t lying, rapper Lubar, has set lots of standards for herself as she has been carefully threading bars of hard steel with every track she’s been featured on.. But today we present to you her very first SOLO single titled ‘Didn’t I’ .. Well didn’t you know about this ?

Cava our chat with the young rapstress & then download her song below..

KoolHeadz : Why the name Lubar ? What does it mean ?

Lubar : It don’t really mean much, I got it in high school. From Lusanda(real name) to Lubar

KoolHeadz : When did you first start rappin ?

Lubar : At 17 yrs but it was nothing serious till I was part of a rural hip hop movement from Centocow called Randocow

Our aim is to get rid of the stigma that to be a dope lyricst, you have to be from a city.

KoolHeadz : Oh yeah ? & what does Randocow mean ?

Lubar : “cent”ocow remove cent put Rand

KoolHeadz : And where exactly is Centocow ?

Lubar : Near bulwer, Ingwe district.

KoolHeadz : Ok. So was your group the first musical talent or there are other artists & crews there ?

Lubar : There other young artist around there who really luv hip hop, but of course hip hop ain’t big there. But dats changing slowly but surely lol

KoolHeadz : Who are your musical inspirations?

Lubar : Females its gotta be Jean grae, (not only coz she is south African but I fell in love with her music day1,), Eve, Lauryn Hill, Queen Latifah. Da list is endless. Even some Durban underground rappers inspire me everyday.

KoolHeadz : What kind of music do you listen to today?

Lubar : Hip hop/rap, RnB/soul. Both local and international

KoolHeadz : Where would you most like to perform?

Lubar : Lol probably overseas one day, but I’m still tryna get south Africa to know me, hopefully like even like Lubar

KoolHeadz : What genre of music can’t you stand to listen to?

Lubar : Lol House music .. I have tried to like it coz of my friends but ay ngiyahluleka

KoolHeadz : Lol, Do you play any instruments?

Lubar : No,I play with words

(Heheheh we see what you did there ;))

KoolHeadz : Who would you most like to open for?

Lubar : Local it has to be Reason, or Tumi. International talib Kweli on common. Dats my dream/possibility

KoolHeadz : If you weren’t rapping, what would you be doing?

Lubar : Information Technology, I’m actually doing my first year at PC training and business college. So I’m doin both. Gotta get that degree and make mama proud.

KoolHeadz : Does your family encourage you in terms of music?

Lubar : Yeah they do alot, but like most parents my mom wants me to put my education first. But my mom is my biggest fan, she show luv and support all da time.

KoolHeadz : What are your favorite things to do when you aren’t writing/rapping etc?

Lubar : Hanging out with family and friends, swimming, afternoon walks and goin to poetry shows etc.

KoolHeadz : What would your dream collaboration with any rapper or producer be ?

Lubar : Rapper, Reason, jean grad, tumi, sky wonda, AKA etc, to name a few

KoolHeadz : What hidden talents do you have?

Lubar : Lol I doubt I got hiden talents, if i do they still hiden from me. Myb they will show as i get older

KoolHeadz : Who did you grow up listening to?

Lubar : Mostly fugees, (lauryn hill), underground rap . A bit of old school.

KoolHeadz : Tell us more about your recent song that’s being released right now..

Lubar : Didn’t I, is a track for every1 dat luv hip hop. Its basically Lubar tryna get people to get to know her and actually accept me for who I am, coz I usually get asks what typ of rap I do, I just do hip hop. I do most our work in English cause i aim to reach audiences that are not fluent in our native tongue too. Didn’t I, is a fun track and I hope alot of ppl like it.
put love first in all we do

With all that said .. Leme ask this question.. Will you download or naah ??
» Download: Lubar – Didnt I «

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