The Hippie Life Is A Life Of Purpose.

Why do people judge hippies ? To tell the truth I see it as the most relaxed lifestyle ever.. And I’d trade places with 1 at any time

I want to live simply
I want to sit by the window when it rains
and read book because I want to,
not because I’ll be tested on them later on

I want to wake up and paint or make music
Not because I have a point to prove
Or a salary/income to make..
I want to sleep when I feel relaxed and
I feel like my day should end now, because
I’m done with everything I wanted to do today..

I want to wake up because I’m well rested
And ready to start my day..
Not because its 7am and everyone else
Is already up and about

I don’t want to be governed by money,
Clocks, work, or any of the artificial things..
that restrain anything that the humanity imposes.
I want to be boundless and infinite..

The purpose of life is a life of purpose.

– @VeezyDaGawd

Posted By KoolHeadz


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