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We recently had a talk with one of South Africa’s Musical Gems.. From being a rapper and topping charts, to switching to another different genre. And producing hits for ‘Mzansi’s Celebs’ that have had massive airplay to helping talented youngins get their hits in..

We had a talk with rapper-turned-singer artist ‘Kimosabe’, who was previously known ‘Sixfo’, who comes from Kokstad and produces, raps(used to) & sings..

KoolHeadz : First things first.. From ‘Sixfo’ to ‘Kimosabe’ .. Why the change ?

Kimosabe : Sixfo was what I called myself when I was a rapper – and I’ve always hated that name so when I started making alternative music, I needed a new name – a new identity so I took Sixfo’s surname ‘Kimosabe’ and kinda just went with it. It’s supposed to be a term of endearment like ”buddy” or ”friend” and that’s what I’m trying to be – the listener’s friend.

KoolHeadz : Oh, You recently released a mixtape which was for sale.. How well has it been doing since it dropped ?

Kimosabe : Well, it did better than expected to be honest…ran out of stock so I had to go digital full time. Once again, thank you to everybody who copped a copy. My upcoming album is sort of a ”thank you” to all those who supported me.

KoolHeadz : Do you think that, when artists give out too many songs or mixtapes for free.. It depreciates the artist’s value .. Cuz’ I mean wouldn’t that attract a fan base thats strictly for free stuff ?

Kimosabe : Frank Ocean released the Lonny Breaux Collection which was like well over 60 songs, The Weeknd released 3 full-length mix tapes for free and they have a buying fan base. I released 3 mix tapes for free prior to Premosabe and people STILL bought it anyway, bottom line – give them something to love, they’ll buy it if you sell it.

KoolHeadz : How many projects have you released for sale & for free since your ‘Sixfo’ Days to This album

Kimosabe : My first ever project was for sale, ‘The Sixth Sense’…makes me cringe just thinking about it. Then there was Premosabe. As for free projects, let’s see…The Sixth Sense: Part 2 (2008) & 3 (2009), Instrumentals of Mass Destruction (2009), Premosabe (2012), Premosabe II: The Underdog Tape (2012), Searching for Kimosabe (2013)

KoolHeadz : Whoa!!We heard you were offered a deal by both Song & Universal ? Which 1 did you chose & any regrets ?

Kimosabe : It was a deal with Universal, however – there were some unsavoury characters involved with that deal hence why I kinda just didn’t bother and started my own thing – Kimosabe Music

KoolHeadz : Is that a record label ?

Kimosabe : Nope, it’s my label-nyana. Work in progress.

V : What about ‘Sound Minds’ if I’m not mistaken.. What kinda entity was that ?

Kimosabe : A bunch of chancers.

KoolHeadz : LOL.. Who have you produced for thus far that people wouldn’t have imagined it was you ?

Kimosabe : Ifani – Iingoma Ezimandi, F-Eezy – Sterring, DJ Ganyani – Xigubu (official trap remix), PDotO – a couple of songs on his album , there’s a new joint I’m producing for DJ Dimplez and more to come.

KoolHeadz : We know Lwansta started rapping cause he saw you & your friends recording/freestylin’ in your “back room studio”.. But what drew you to hip hop and that’s made you withstand everything to still be doing it today ?

Kimosabe : Well that’s that thing, I’m not doing it anymore. I was attracted to hip-hop back when I was still doing it for fun and it was an outlet for me since I was great with words, I was then dispelled by the way hip-hop is run in this country. So now I’m a singer.

KoolHeadz : Oh really ? So this change from Sixfo to Kimosabe carries more weight than jus’ having a new alias ?

Kimosabe : Basically, it’s a new entity entirely.

KoolHeadz : A lot of rappers usually say “I’m gonna be the new change that SA rap is missing” .. What exactly made you decide to just rather quit rappin’ rather than ‘being that change’ ?

Kimosabe : Because there’s way too many rappers in this country and I’m not restricted to being a rapper.

KoolHeadz : True. If you were to quit making music now, what occupation would you take ?

Kimosabe : Advertising.

KoolHeadz : What is your most prized possession ?

Kimosabe : My guitars, Carmen & Fiona.

KoolHeadz : What kind of music do you listen to lately ?

Kimosabe : Lately I’ve been dabbling in 80s music, funk music and of course classic rock. Loving some Aerosmith, Bon Jovi and my all time favourite of the 90s Nirvana. Basically anything musical and preferably experimental – and not hip-hop.

KoolHeadz : Who would you love to open for locally & internationally ?

Kimosabe : Well, they’re all dead now.

KoolHeadz : Lol, Best advice ever given to you ?

Kimosabe : Trust nothing that breathes & also, if you want something – hustle for it…& something about city girls

KoolHeadz : Who did you grow up listening to ?

Kimosabe : Eminem, 50 Cent, Mandoza and everything on VH1 or whatever my dad had playing in the car – and that’s a man with musical taste.

KoolHeadz : So that’s where you get your musical talent ?

Kimosabe : From my dad’s side, yes.

KoolHeadz : Ok And Lastly .. Nomzamo Mbatha(Thandeka) or Jessica Nkosi (Qondi) & Why ?

Kimosabe : Lol, Pam Andrews. It’s a preference thing.

KoolHeadz : And your Album will be out for download ??

Kimosabe : 23 July 2014

You can download kimosabe’s latest song titled ‘Care’ taken from his up coming free album titled ‘La Vita Dolce’ ..

Click To Download “Kimosabe – Care

And fortunately since its dropped, you can also cop his album available on soundcloud – La Dolce Vita –

Kimosabe – La Dolce Vita Album

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