Telephunk G’s Aye Fam

I’m sure we all know or have come across this on someone’s status .. “#Aye Fam -_- ..” .. And if you haven’t, you’re on the wrong side of facebook. So I wanted to get some inside info-nyana from Aye Fam Founder .. So we had a lil chat.. Cava below how it went..

Telephunk Gule AKA iBhudda or ‘Father Aye’ I guess said He “created Aye Fam on Feb, 27 2014. It was never part of the plan honestly, I posted a sarcastic status throwing a subliminal diss at all Facebook fams but also giving props to the idea cos it was kinda fresh. Then the comments on that status were like “TG you should start your own fam”, they initially suggested names like “Asian fam”, “Khokhovula fam”, “oMubiza fam” and also “Aye fam” cos those are like my Facebook “trademarks”.”

“In a nutshell, that was that! Aye fam was created, people joined and now we’re like the best Facebook fam ever! We haven’t done much because we’re still new, just 7 fam gatherings in different cities (Maritzburg and Durban) and recently hosted a successful house party at Morningside called #ProjectAyesia (Part 1).” He continued ” Its Part 1 cos’ we’re planning Part 2 quite soon, well firstly we wanna involve ourselves in something positive like some kinda community service cos we’re philanthropists and God fearing.”

He also added “As the dad of the fam, I try by all means to deliver what my “kids” require I mean, they made this fam what it is today. On the other hand, we got our own apparel too, t-shirts currently and musically, I had just dropped my 1st single titled #Mina_Ngithi_TornOp which is doing very well no lie. There’s a lot in store just watch this space…”

Veezy : So anyone can join this family there’s no specific person to report to for the first time ?

TG : Yea anyone. Normally atleast once in 2 weeks I post a status asking new members or just people who wanna join to comment with their pics, and that’s how you join the fam.

Veezy : What’s the most typical thing people assume about facebook families which in reality isn’t true ??

TG : That we outchea competing. When actually nobody gets paid outta this, it’s all fun. This ain’t some kinda competition, Facebook families are all down for the same reason – uniting strangers, sharing ideas and probably sharing the love. Eitherway it ain’t about who did it first but who did it right..

Veezy : Is it true that some ‘families’ are just a way to crush ass ?? I mean is that allowed in Aye Fam ..Dating a fellow ‘sibling’ or there’s no restrictions on such things ?

TG : Well you can’t control adults or their feelings either…

Veezy : What happened to she.. SheQinah (seriously not sure of spelling) but there was that fam that popped up & had some funny/interesting beef with Aye fam .. How did that play out eventually ?

TG : I seriously don’t know that fam, or anything like that. Must’ve been one of those “overnight” things trynna get some attention. Probably there was but disappeared. But some fam starting beefing with us a while ago but recently apologized after the tremendous success of #ProjectAyesia.

Veezy : If you had to make an extremely rough estimation, how many members would you say Aye Fam has ?

TG : The same number of likes on our page,­Ayesian

(700 Likes on Page)

Veezy : oh? alright! So what kinda community work would Aye be looking to do ? Donating ? Community Service kinda stuff ?

TG : Donating. Might even visit a disadvantaged school but definitely giving – donating.

Veezy : Does joining Aye fam .. Make you a feleb ?

TG : No.

Thanks A lot & a young shout out to Telephunk for fuxin’ with the tha #KoolHeadz .. I guess now we all know that most facebook fams are nothing more than just unity and fun .. But people will always have something bad to say about any good that comes up.. Shouts to Aye Fam!

Any questions you got for em’ ? What do you think of facebook families ?
Hit us up on our fb page ‘Hip Hop News & Links’ ..

Here are some of Telephunk’s singles out for download ..

* #Mina_Ngithi_TornOp
* Gabi Gabi

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