Rush – Minnie Dlamini (ft Ganyaz Jr) | Free D/L

In just a few days or so, I heard “Minnie Vs Boity” by HulleyWould .. Then Yesterday a track titled “Minnie Dlamini” dropped and it was by ‘Rush’ of Rebel Ent.

When asked about the song and its meaning, Rush said “Well, The song was inspired by how society doesn’t really appreciate one’s success and accolades as a public figure, and icon in the entertainment industry.”

He added “I believe she deserves way more credit ie, (not being Wikipedia known). I mean she is a highly influential person among her older peers.”

“The song relates to me as an artist aswell. The mainstream is just not ready for me. Making my own Videos, beats as well as being my own engineer. C’mon. I’m The Rush.” Rush concluded.

But those who know him would vouch that he’s a simple dude in person, but when it comes to the music.. As he said “I don’t pull punches bro.”.

» Rush – Minnie Dlamini (ft. Ganyaz Jr) «

Posted By Veezy Tha Gawd


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