Crucial Cartel – Ama-Western

You might remember Crucial Cartel from a feature we recently did on him.

Apparently Ama_western is a general term used in Mthatha to describe people who live in the streets,especially the guys who help with their trolleys to take people from the Supermarkets to their Taxi Rank.This is a paradox indeed looking at Ama western and actually looking comparing them with the Western countries in terms of who has money and everything.

So CrucialCartel actually got inspired by the hustle the guys are always putting in he told us why he wrote the song,and I quote “man you know how I feel like Ama western are the most misunderstood people/society we turn to forget that our hustles are not the same,look,if I make R20 a day its fine I’m hustler I can live with that.” He said

He also added “I just feel like we should all respect everybody’s hustle man,asifani,and the ignorance towards these people must stop man its really sad,cause now we blaming everything on government like ama western must be taken off the streets,kanti who is going to do that?you get people be like these kids they animals,they smoke,rob people and stuff I mean who gets high and still go to work pushing a huge a** trolley? Because most of yall get stoned to death and waking up regretting the whole high with nothing accomplished.”

Personally i feel like you have to treat people they way they treat you especially if you in a small group like ama western..

The Hook is like. ‘I GOTTO REPRESENT AMAWESTERN!’ I just had to represent them man”

Cava this new single he got out titled “Ama-Westerm” its abit of a young turn up song definitely worth a listen and its produced by Amazon Da Dj

Crucial Cartel – Ama-Western

Posted By Veezy Tha Gawd


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