MT Disses KO

After this whole saga of ‘Skhanda Rap’ and ‘Skhanda Nation’ .. MT who claimed to have been the sole founder of Skhanda Rap .. Which is exactly what KO is saying Cashtime Life is About right now.. They’re doing this Kwaito/Hip Hop & Calling It Skhanda Rap.. MT rightfully (I guess) got upset and started to voice his opinion about KO jacking his originality..

After no apparent response(I’m not sure from who) he decided to drop this diss track ..

*Some people think its a cool song but for a diss song directed at a heavyweight like KO its weak.

*Some say it has predictable jokes like KO’s HIV status ..

*Others say its great for young artists to fight and speak out for what’s theirs

And so on, and so on..

Do you think its possible KO heard of This Skhanda idea from MT & decided to innovate it without rightfully crediting MT ? Or its a Simple case of great minds think alike ??

Cava the single below & tell us what you think on Facebook

MT Venecular Mc-Ihem Hem(KO Diss)

Posted By Veezy Tha Gawd


207 thoughts on “MT Disses KO

  1. K.O must be burnt for stealing.
    Just because Skhanda Man doesn’t have money or power doesn’t mean kumele umnyathele inhloko wena KO. Or umthathele phansi.

    • K.O uvumbuka manje uMT lento uyqale 2007…k.o just changed it from skhanda nation to skhanda republic.He changed it just to make followers not understand that its a bite…MT yibhoza, vee yibhoza sarn…

  2. Mr Cashtime is more matured and interligent to be doing smthng like that and if u ask me i wld say u the DUMP one because u f** with someone who is already in the industry and slaying the charts ………………..ven on ur level but u nothing but an UNDERGROUP cat with uncooked rhymes and sleepy voice.

  3. ko uyayclaima lento. he had not started skhanda music by himself, he can’t start nothing by himself,just because its straight forward that he lives music by biting underground artists…he just changed skhanda nation to skhanda republic, just to make followers not to understand that its a bite music (copy music).MT started music in 2007 and ko just started know… MT yibhoza vele yibhoza marrrrn…

  4. no lie ur so called K.O is whack, besides dat he’s a gluttony, how dare he is to steal n be proud while he bite Mtekza’s kinda rap? SKANDA seska T1000 vele u don’t wanna say ryt?????

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