Blogs Turn Up This Month End

After spending 10 months building what I’m proud of today.. I’ve decided to elevate it into something for everyone.. My blog was officially known as ‘Verboss MusiQ’ cause Verboss was my rap alias.. And I’ve always used that kinda name cause I still had hope for getting back to rapping..

But I’ve recently realized how enticing bloggin’ really is.. From the leaks, gossips & getting to hear all the fresh music first.. Its “all that and a bag of chips” :).. So anyway I’ve decided to work alongside a well-known Dj from Durban Dj Bucks (Bantwana) whose also very Hip Hip ‘Conscious’ and is at Hip Hop shows almost every weekend witnessing raw talent, to try and do more than just ‘Blog’

I’ve decided to give my blog a new name, which will be revealed later on this month as well as all the new exciting features .. But its more than just a name change now.. its more of creating a brand that will later be known & recognized as a platform that helped young artists.. A brand that pushed & promoted local talent.. Shine kuleyo ndawo!! 😉

I’m hoping you’ll still be glued to every post I make & continue with the support with views & comments..

#KHZ is an abbreviation of the new blog name and I’ll be hashtagging it everywhere (Facebook,Twitter,BBM) as a reminder that month end, we bringin’ in some change in the game!! Feel free to join in one or 2 stats by adding it #KHZ

Yours Truly

Veezy Tha Gawd

Posted By Veezy Tha Gawd


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