Teddy B’s Yours Truly…

Shouts To Teddy B .. Youngin from around montclair that’s set out to be recording his music video next week now for his up coming mixtape titled “Yours Truly”, you may be asking yourself who he is and whatnot.. Chill and read more about the nig’

Teddy B shawty (born as Sbongakonke Kwenzokuhle Teddy Msomi) is Durban rapper and songwriter. Who mainly grew up in the township of Umlazi & Montclair. Teddy B shawty composes the combination of Hip-Hop and R&B.

He’s also the co-owner and co-manager of the entertainment company, Tha Saints Entertainment – TSE. He first started doing music in 2010 as a full-on passion and says that he got his biggest inspiration from the Canadian Young Money/Cash Money artist, Drake.

He also has a lot of influences in his music from the likes of Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole, Wiz Khalifa, Kanye West, Notorious B.I.G, and Common. “When I first started doing music, I was a big dreamer like none other. I feel like Music is my calling and well this is me taking on the world and embracing this God-given talent” says Teddy.

He also added : “My biggest aim is not to make money or get girls or fame. My biggest aim is to simply make good music & the rest comes with the territory I guess.. My hunger for music is bigger than life and I just find joy in the different hearts that enjoy my art.”. He continued “.. As much as every artist can brag about my music, I let mine do the talking for me. Rap music is a language that everyone understands and I guess I’m the ventriloquist.”

Quick Questions

Veezy : Why would you name yourself ‘Teddy B Shawty’ ?
Teddy : I use to krump back in 2008 – 2009 and back then I used to call myself “Teddy B” which obviously referred to myself and my body and the name grew in me until 2010 when I got into Music. When I did I was mostly inspired by girls to write songs and most of my songs were based on the female district so I decided to add “shawty” at the end of my name so that its different to every other “Rapper Name” out there. “Teddy B shawty” is a one of a kind name.

Veezy : When exactly is your mixtape dropping ?
Teddy : My Mixtape drops in August 20

Veezy : Why is it titled ‘Yours Truly’ .. What’s the story behind it ?
Teddy : “Yours Truly” is basically describing me and who I am. The mixtape from the “Intro” to the “Outro” talks about my experiences in my life, my struggle of trying to create a name for myself, who I am really, and the more deeper emotions I face, but the main character in the mixtape is “Monalisa” as she was a huge part in my life. I talk about my story with Monalisa and how we met and everything I went through with her so I guess she’s my biggest inspiration in the whole mixtape.

Veezy : Describe your mixtape using 5 words..
Teddy : Emotional, Deep, Honest, Real, Provocative.

Download These Singles Taken From His Debut Mixtape Coming Out Soon titled “Yours Truly”

Teddy B Shawty – Beats & Bars
Teddy B Shawty – Hold It Down
Teddy B Shawty – Prelude Of Monalisa

Tracklist Of Yours Truly:
1) Dear Monalisa
2) Closer To Me (feat. Draya)
3) 1 Time
4) M.A.D.E It (feat. Tipsy)
5) Success Is A Dream
6) Hold It Down (feat. Verbal Intellects
7) Bad B*tch (feat. Pillz & Babs Rilla)
8) Prelude Of Monalisa
9) Down To Earth (feat. Mini)
10) Beats & Bars
11) In Her Dedication
12) Devil Is A Lie
13) Faded
14) Unsolved Issues
15) Corrie & Lance
16) Kiki’s Interlude Part 2
17) Yours Truly (feat. Sabotage & Thabz)

Get at Him on these social networks below :

* Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/TeddyBShawty
* @TeddyBshawty
* Instagram: @Yellowwoodsfinest

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