AKA Copied Cassper Nyovest’s Artwork ??

Well well well .. An official statement was released by Cassper Nyovest’s PR Team .. Which was basically going around in circles stating the following ; “CassperNyovest has at no point released this artwork. This is something we have only picked up on Social media today. We are unable at this point to attain who created and released this however.
We would like to plainly state CassperNyovest has in no way any association with the spoof of AKA’s album cover.”

What do they mean tho’ ? Did Nyovest already have the gusheshe artwork or was it created recently ?

Which would be highly unlikely as Gusheshe is such an old song, why would someone create & leak something new ? My best guess is AKA cop’d the artwork and since it was never released he decided to remix it into his own.. Either way .. They’re both not the best artworks ouchea that We’ve seen ..

Annnnnd in other news AKA’s has once again topped the charts on iTunes with his second debut abum titled “Levels” before it even dropped!!

Yes that means soooo many people have pre-ordered the album that its anticipated to sell really well when it actually does drop. #TheresLevelsToThisShit hahahaha Congratz .. I guess .. for that achievement.

Anyway, What do you think happened with the artwork stuff ? Who stole who’s idea ?

Posted By @VerbossMusiQ


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