3rd Brick Responds To Robin’s Verse… Or NOT!!

Oh Wow!! JUST when Durban Rap Game was starting to get interesting ..

So you already the controversial verse or rather the few bars hommie robin laced on a track he was featured on.. Which went on to tempt Judas into first posting “when I run into him he’s getting an ass whoopin” .. Then later on decided o be all chilled about it.

And then now, 3rd Brick has just released what .. I’m assuming was a young prank or whatever but he posted “This Is My Response” with the following link & as you download .. You listen to a bunch of people laughing hysterically..

Not sure if this was intended to be received in a good way (as in its all good dawg, this is hip hop we gon’ laugh and get over this) or a bad way as in (WTF does this kid think he’s doing ? )

Whatchu think ?

Posted By Veezy Tha Gawd


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