JoeDaMc – On My Way (ft RobinThirdFloor & LMass) |FREE D/L

Let’s complete a lil checklist about our next track..

Hyella Beat. ☑
Gawdly Verses ☑
Nice Hook ☑
Game Changer. ✔

Okay, this next Jam, comes featuring the ER(Enigmatic Revolution) Guys ; Lmass & Robin ThirdFloor .. Who’ve done nothing except pretty musch release hits this whole year!!

And E.R’s emerging star Robin ThirdFloor, Has come out with a cocky streak rather than his causal comedic verses as he boldly .. (I wouldn’t say take shots) but rather expresses his view on 3rd Brick’s Foul Mouth II & a lot more.

The song is actually JoeDaMc – On My Way (ft. Robin ThirdFloor & Lmass)

First Verse is by Robin ThirdFloor :

Somebody tell Moss to come Back
Cause all these rich kids, thinking they could rap
And Oh, 3rd Brick..
You didn’t do no justice on that track
You just told us everything we knew
You didn’t stand up to nobody
See I don’t feel Judas, Breeze Or DreamTeam Buddy
So I tell it, They make more money? Fine
I got a degree I could quit this rap right now!

Hook is by L-Mass, Who is also on the second verse :

I’m paper chasing,
aint I on the route of evil ?
Cause once I get it proper,
then boy we not equal
Cause once you get that money money,
you get buddy buddies
Girls on that lovey dovey,
but they aint getting nothing from me
Till She Call Me ‘Papi’, Then You Know She Bad ..
Imhlola kaJames .. No Trinidad

And Then JoeDaMc Takes The Last Verse :

.. But To become the bloody best,
You need to bleed
Now I’m the guy you won’t find next to fear
Sex with a virgin ; Blood, Sweat & Tears
Now I’m Here
And I aint going anywhere
Untill my music gets to people everywhere
I won’t stop cause I have a plan,
Really thought..
Get a band, Kill em Shows
& We fill up every chair

Download JoeDaMc – I’m On My Way (ft Robin ThirdFloor & L-Mass)

For more info :

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