Bonang Drops Metro Fm For Presenting Gig

This Just In .. Queen B has left the building .. If you were a fan of bonang matheba’ mid-day show on Metro Fm, It seems you’ll have to go on without it from now on.

Bonang has taken a broad and bold step to chose presenting a World Cup Lifestyle show on Super Sport, Over Her Regular show on Metro FM..

This comes after Miss Matheba saw as if her talents were being squashed by the SABC broadcaster as she mentioned “I could not agree to the SABC’s blanket terms”..

“The broadcaster claims that NO talent on any SABC platform is allowed to be on any other broadcasters across ANY mediums. Ms Matheba and her management could not agree to these terms as it does not align with Matheba’s future business plans”

The Queen B also added : “Metro FM is a fine station and it is a pity that my journey with them has been so short. I am an independent freelancer and have been working peacefully with all broadcasters over the years. My future potential cannot be jeopardised by accepting terms that will not grow my career. I could not agree to the SABC’s blanket terms – in restricting me to work with other broadcasters even though my contract with them was on radio. Thank you to the team at Metro FM for a wonderful time thus far. Onward and upward!”

I guess it makes sense when you look at it from her view! She’s all about progression & progression can’t happen when you’re stuck in 1 place .. All the Best to Bonang ..

Oh and you can’t still catch her on Clash Of The Choirs South Africa, Every Sunday From 17:30 on Mzansi Magic!! And on the new world cup show , from 13:00 every weekend.

Posted By @VerbossMusiQ


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