Cassper Rejects BMW Sponsorship Set By T’bo Touch

Cassper Nyovest

Cassper Nyovest

Turn Down For What ?!?
No really why did he turn down the offer ?

Remember when there was a rave about how T’bo Touch Scored Cassper Nyovest a BMW sponsorship and how everything was sealed while on air ?

Well it seems that seal wasn’t tight enough as .. We just got word that Cassper Reject.. -Rejected sounds harsh- .. We heard that Cassper turned down a sponsorship set up by T’bo ..

Reasons as to why are still unclear but, it has been mentioned on numerous occasions that he graciously back down from the deal..

We also heard he currently doesn’t own a car .. So what kinda “clause/condition” in that sponsorship would cause someone with no car to reject a BMW 2 Series ?

Well.. We could guess a few

• Every video he releases must feature a BMW .. Altho’ his last 2 videos both feature BMWs..

• BMW would freely sponsor him with the car, but Cassper doesn’t get any source of endorsement money ? .. (Either way its a free car man)

• He has to mention BMW in his lyrics from time to time .. Hahah

• He simply doesn’t have a car cause he simply can’t afford to maintain 1 .. Whether its sponsored or not (Highly Unlikely)

• BMW would benefit more from this type of deal more than he would’ve/should’ve

These are all just guesses, what do you think it was ??

Anyway, Cassper’s Long awaited Debut Album Drops July Month End .. And you should know this by now, its Titled “Tsholofelo” (his sister’s name). .. Are your pockets ready for the project ?

The BMW 2 Series That Coulda Been Owned By Nyovest!

The BMW 2 Series That Coulda Been Owned By Nyovest!

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5 thoughts on “Cassper Rejects BMW Sponsorship Set By T’bo Touch

  1. I think the reasons why Cassper rejected the deal are obvious. In that case only the BMW company will benefit. Goodluck to Cassper, may he rip what he sow!

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