Melodies From Millow

Nompilo Hlongwa aka Millow, is the sassy yet sultry lady of Hip Hop Neo-Soul. Hailing from iNanda, Durban and well versed in street smarts is a former model, mother, she is the epitome of rose amongst thorns.

Millow is a vocalist of high acclaim that has graced numerous stages in the KZN province and the world. She started singing from an early age and talent has grown in leaps and bounds as she has.

Having done extensive work with artists like Beast, STP and Skye Wanda, DJ Clock to name a few, Millow is a gem whose sweet shimmer will resonate for eons to come.

She is currently working with CannDance Music on her debut project titled, ‘Melodica’, which will have some well sought after production from industry heavyweights both internationally and locally it will be the standard for Neo-Soul in the country.

Asked what she could classify her music as, “I make good music, music that my kids will one day play for their children… I don’t like to be boxed in with genres and sounds; I just make music from what I feel and make sense” the singer/poet/guitarist answers.

Millow is definitely making steady steps to being a household name and seems focused to achieving this.

Below are 2 links to her new single;

(Link1) Millow : Find You (InMyDreams) Prodby Ushe_S

(Link2) Millow : Find You(InMyDreams) ProdBy Ushe_S
She is currently working on her project which will be titled, MELODICA.

To Contact Millow Or For More Information:

Facebook: Nompilo Millow Hlongwa
Twitter: @Millow_Melodica
Management/Label: CannDance Music
Cell: 083 444 4409/082 849 0548

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