A Mic Check With C-oneTwo

Interview Tiiiime! And this time around we got to know more about our fellow khat C-12 (pronounced C- One Two), C12’s been in the game for fairly a good amount of time and proudly supported a lot of Hip Hop Shows. But make no mistake, he’s no average joe simply because he had may be a Durban Rapper but doesn’t just feed into the normal hip hop scene but has turned to be different have more of his music have the influences of genres such as pop,rock & soul.

Veezy : The name C12 .. How did it come about ? Where does it really originate from ?

C-12 : Wow uhm C12 is .. ok the name comes from ”mic check one two one two”…thats the 1st thing u do when one grabs the mic…so yeah ”mic check one two one two” abbreviated that and the whole sentence becomes ”MC one two one Two”….remove the 1st ”M” and the last ”one Two” and in the middle u get ”C oneTwo”… but most people call me C12…but its all good…its the same thing real

Veezy : So.. What’s going in the C12 camp this year nje

C-12 : Ow this year is… ok i don’t wanna give much away but,I am dropping a single in 2 months titled ‘Break It Down’ & That’s produced by the Gawd Blacksun, engineered by the Gawd Tantrik …yeah. I decided to work with Gawds man…not these so-called producers and engineers who claim the titled but fail to deliver,so yeah a single is coming out,possibly a video will follow again, I’m working with a gawd in that department aswell. What else ?! …yeah…and #Road2College is on its way but ill be dropping a project titled Renovation 1st.. but all of this will happen in 2015

Veezy : Is the song gonna be a game changer ?

C-12 : Ha ha no, it won’t ”game changers” are songs to please rappers .. I’m not there anymore,but what u should know is, its gonna be f*ckin epic!!!!

Veezy : So you done pleasing rappers ?Certain rappers or you’re just completely over-looking every rapper out there ?

C-12 : Ha ha i actually never did. I always believed in making music,not tracks. Yes some may not know the difference but making tracks was never really my thing. Every joint i drop i have people either singing it or quoting my lyrics there’s solid proof of that I am an artist,as for overlooking rappers ? I only respect 3 rappers in Durban.

Veezy : What differentiates you from any other durban rapper ?

C-12 : I make rock/soul/turn up and pop music. I’m quite versatile as well. 90% of these other rappers just’ rap on distorting beats…if its not that they make love songs on distorting beats,their lyrics are also distorting….i make music.

Veezy : Other than Blacksun & Enigmatic .. Who do you work with ?

C-12 : I work with TriqueDesigns, CphiweHadebe & Blacksun but not Enigmatic. We friends but I’m not under them,on production i work Blacksun….Enoonapa and D’star. Dstar is unknown right now but….he he ill stop there 🙂

Veezy : Lol, Is D’star a part of your upcoming business ventures ?

C-12 : Ha ha ow noooo. He is part of Freshman Music. They are a business entity on their own. Gat mad respect for that clique and also its leader Nerd

Veezy : Yeah, Nerd is fresh!! So what ‘Business Ventures’ is C12 set to endevour ?

C-12 : Aich!!!! ”endevour” ha ha uhm.. If i tell u that my fake rap friends will know man and i don’t want them to. I live by the motto ”let them know you but not know what you’re about” ..we outchea.. I have a 2year plan though ngzomalapho 🙂

Veezy : So after the 2 years are the results of what happens during those years going to determine whether or not you continue rapping ?

C-12 : Not just rapping but to form a media movement with myself TriqueDesigns, CphiweHadebe and BlacksunBeats. Its not really about rap anymore.

Veezy : What is it about then ? .. Sorta like a crew kinda thing ?

C-12 : Ha ha u making me give out too much info ha ha ill reserve my comment..

Veezy : Ahh.. Well is that movement set to expand anytime soon ? Or its just you 4 ?

C-12 : Just the 4 of us man….small circle!!

Veezy : Anything business to mention before I move into something else ?

C-12 : Naaaaah…the less they know the better 🙂 i prefer surprises 🙂

Veezy : Ahyt!! Who is your model girlfriend ?

C-12 : Hahahahahaha ow wow uhm,her name was Thandeka Nkosi but we broke it off so we no longer at it anymore.

Veezy : Beyonce or Rihanna ?

C-12 : Ha ha Gabrielle Union ma nigga!!

Veezy : LOL!! Okay .. In 5 year’s time which artist in SA right now, would you wanna be look to as ? AKA ? Reason ? Khuli Chana ?

C-12 : Definitely Reason…he’s getting that quiet money,i like that,but also have the business mind and hype of Khuli after all he is the biggest SA hip hop artist.

Veezy : Do you ever rap in vernac ?

C-12 : Once upon a time yeah i did influenced by Shon G….around those times of abo-“You Got” and “Ndiyahamba” then i started to mix between english and Vernac and then i just rapped in english I’m still a fan of vernac rap,thats why i give props to Young Cannibal for actually pulling vernac rap up … Couldn’t give a rats ass about kasi rap

Veezy : Lol, why ? Is it cause of the hostility most Kasi Rappers have towards English rappers ..?

C-12 : Lol Not really….if kasi rap was a political party it would been UDM….all talk but no future.

Veezy : You mean Durban Kasi rappers specifically or Jhb khats included ?

C-12 : Bonke(all of them)!! I pray to God vernac rappers be on the come up again. I think even Zakwe switched back to vernac after he got signed hence he dropped scatterlings reloaded coz that aint kasi rap and amongst others Zakwe hit Gold coz i believe he went back to vernac…but ke Good luck to all Kasi rappers,but i don’t see Sony or Universal giving em a deal, bazogcina on these small stables,if not they must prove me wrong.

Veezy : How would you differentiate Zakwe/Duncan and a Kasi Rapper ?

C-12 : Ha ha zong’qhatha ne-busy manje ha ha

Veezy : No, I mean .. I just mean what can you hear lyric-wise that tell you its Zakwe or its a kasi rapper ? Is it content ? Style ?

C-12 : Ok i think with Zakwe its…. Ok to me as a listener,Zakwe is a dude from eKasi that TELLS us what happens ekasi. Ey the rest i mean u can’t be wearing swaggin’ and do kasi rap man NO! On top of that u be like ”umxhaka syambhonya” i mean khamaaaaaaaaaaaaaan!!! The hypocrisy !?!! No man

Veezy : Who does C12 look up to like In terms of musicians and inspirational people nje ?

C-12 : I look up to Babynaps AKA Enoonapa…well he don’t rap now he quit and he does deep house now. I still believe that dude is thee most talented motherfucker out there and his raps are just….ey that mxtherfvcker is a God! I look up to him,he’s also from durban and he one of those dudes who are quiet I respect that,but commercially i look up to Suli Breaks.. That dudes single handedly showed me that i can be who i wanna be regardless of what symbol i had in school or what society thinks of me….dude is a genius…i respect him!

Veezy : Earlier on you said, you only respect 3 durban rapper.. Ke mang ?

C-12 : Nasty C,031 Beast and CphiweHadebe. Those dudes could make it in SA easy and make a mark on the international stage.. Right now its not their time but in 2years i believe one of them will make it. If they don’t I’ll quit rapping ha ha.

Veezy : okay 1 last important question… Thandeka or Qondi ?

C-12 : Hahahahahaha Qondi ma nigga!! Qondi simply because she’s old enough,iscefe asikho lapho. I feel as if u-Thandeka is the typa chick that would give u alotta excuses before sex or foreplay .. Qondi on the other hand is well matured and full of respect. She respects her man coz nawe uyabona nje ukuth she the type that makes u wait for a year!!! Haha but yeah Qondi mfana 🙂

You can Link with this dude for his music and a lot more of his ventures on facebook and twitter .

Facebook : C-oneTwo Sphiwe
Twitter : @ProllyMarz

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