Morgan’s Life By The Beach

Having debuted on one of the biggest live platform any independent and up & coming artist would ask for, during the Fifa 2010 World Cup, Morgan Mafu has since then worked becoming the voice of new African music. With poetic improvisation on ambient instruments, creating a time-bending vortex, that’s shifts the mind & soul to new paradigms.

This year, the masses have the opportunity to hear his debut mixtape titled Life By The Beach, with it’s lead single, of the same name, currently blessing the streets of Durban, his city. With good reception from the airwaves to the internet, Life By The Beach is already a promising to be an iconic release in 2014 as it is scheduled for release on June 7th, this year and will be available for exclusive download and purchase from his website

The lead single is inclusive of a Sade sample from “Shadows” and consists of heavy vocoder pop elements. On “Rock The Boat” the record begins with a Pink Floyd sample of “Have A Cigar” which ,just like the former, consists of heavy autotuning and tribal chants

» Click Here To D/L The Song On Soundcloud «

Official website:

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