Tha Nep Statik Empire

Nep Statik Empire

A Hip-Hop Collective from Durban, Bonela/Neptune, Movement Started by Team Leaders D-Troy & Sniper back in high school. The Name of the group was inspired by the area they lived in (Neptune).The group has 7 members, D-Troy, Sniper, Jinx, 2.0 , Young-Flood, Kellz & Youngen and right now the first five members are full time rappers. Even though currently most of the members are scattered but they are still able to united and make music.

Nep Statik Empire is currently working on its first full length group mixtape titled “Materialistic-Vision” Release date hasn’t been confirmed yet, but earlier this year the team has released a couple of singles which may appear on their debut tape such as Die Trying, Dreams & their latest New Slaves(Remix)

Features on the tape haven’t been revealed yet but former school mates TeamDOPE surely will be on putting underground & mainstream commercial rap together.

N.S.E has a few Sub-Groups with them such as :

D-Stroyn-Sniper (D-Troy & Sniper)
Flood-Gang (2.0 & Young-Flood)
Jizzy-Snipe (Jinx & Sniper)

Here are their Twitter Handles
• Sniper – @SHAMEROWW
• D-Troy – @IMDTROY
• Jinx – @Triple_J_Jacker
• 2.0 – @h20_dareal_20
• Young-Flood – @IMYOUNGFLOOD
• Youngen – @ThatBoi_MAL
• Kellz – @Statik_KeLLz

& Look Em’ Up On Facebook :
• NepStatik King Sniper
• D-Troy Mpendulo Ngobese
• NepStatik Jizzy Jinx
• Sibusiso Blessing
• Andile-Brian Flood
• Tommy Kellz
• Princee La’Acolyte Ngcobo

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