Titen’s Pharaoh’s Son Mixtape

Titen The Moor or Titen The Pharaoh or Pharaoh The God
Or whoever you might be calling him in shows..

He’s actually Sifiso Ngcobo a 21 year old Mcee from Durban who has been in the rap game for quite a while. He’s worked with a lot of artists “famous cats at that” as he adds. And he’s currently releasing a solo EP titled “THE SON OF THE PHARAOHS SON” .. Hm!

With MagicM as the executive in the mix & mastering department behind 8 of the 10 tracks.. We can know for sure that the quality will be radio potential.

So here are 2 of 3  the already out singles & a promo 16 bars snippet nje for kontrol..



3. 3rd Trap (16 bars snippet)

All The Best with the Mixtape Titen & We sure hope to see/hear it soon.

Posted By @VerbossMusiQ


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